Alpha Dominus (EP)

by SevidemiC

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released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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Track Name: Dead Bread
Dead Bread

You'll be going crazy if it's still too much to take, I'll facilitate a place for your pain. (Yea, baby, you can leave it right here!)
Viewing all the laziest swill, we can't relate and the shadows always chase 'em away.
God, it's so damn dark and I like it; yes, I really really like it! Its funny how a nigga get more powerful every time he die 'n shit...

I told you beckas (bitches) I'd be better with the cheddar, bitch! ('Love is Dead' lyric) I'm up next, nigga, no more missin' leverage! If they dig all in my subtext, let them! I'm alumnus; don't mix with the freshmen! So, I deserve that top damn dollar, rot shambala; clocked in to flex on the best, kid! Still, nowhere near a crest or my nexus - if you' here to set-trip, hed for the exit! Wayf world, whatdafinnadiddo? ('What's up?') Watch a play unferl as you're sippin' a brew, but listen to 'dude! DemiC 'a mean damn savage and indeed back at it, doin' things mathematic, and without a bottom line I'd starve! Back livin' in my car, nigga, FUCK THAT! I need return, ain't enough to get a touchback! I seek to burn by the bush, not the dubsack!

Im on my shit. What, you niggas think I flow to make friends? That's a goddamn crackup! Say it! I mash on the track 'cuz I'm active! Yea, I want cash for the crack! (Sev deseves compenstation for the services he provides) Is you crazy? Maybe if I stank like you, makin' money off of music ain't a thing I'd try to do, but I move through the hate secluded. You would think I'd lose it, but the cake is new and through the roof. Yea, man, and I see you faggots salty like, 'Is he makin' death into a copyright?' YES! Wayf Road, nigga, we go! Hella box-sets sellin at the shows for a c-note! ($100) Cuz the real Meat ain't afraid to gimme bread! (Money) Fake-ass fans talkin shit like, 'Is he dead?!' Yea, dude, and alive at the same time! Gettin' tattoos, throwin up my gang sign! Bad news for any nigga hatin' mine! Gad-zooks, I'm rapin names and takin dimes! (Sev brags supremecy as well as the ability to cause infidelity)
When fear is your only true god.
Track Name: Smoke N Mirrors
Smoke 'n Mirrors

They'll catch you slippin' with the smoke n mirrors (Trickery)! Black smoke (evil) and white mirrors (purity)! White smoke (invert) and black mirrors (invert)! (It's unclear if Sev is referring to SMM or the Illuminati being 'they.' This is the mindfuck within the chorus.)

I know you're so upset, but now you feel my angle! Ice-cold, I resurrect somehow reveal the angel more. It often gets so temptin' to take that deal on the table. But, I'm still enabled to get a bit faded and decay them all!
I pull it in from hella far away out! Fill it in a vacact body. In a minute insanity'll just weigh down any victim hatin', prob'ly! W-ayf! Gang ain't sayin sorry! (Sev refuses to apologize for his style of entertainment) I'm somethin' to mention, ahki! Baked, and slayin' at godspeed. (777)
Isn't pagan rain beating down on you? ('Don't you like secular music?')

Why do me no rest? It's because I cannot settle! With inane things, I've been blessed! A modern-day blazin', amazin' Pharoah! I'm breakin' my cage, infecting everybody that claim me 'devil!' (Sevs recent art proves his critics and haters wrong) In a way, it's somewhat of a blessing when they throw their daily pebbles! You's a punk with no fetti (money), but you claim you wanna shoot it up? I'm ready. Accusin' us of bullshit and quick my dudes'll fuck your Betty! (Girlfriend) Achoo! I'm sick as hell! What the fuck a nigga 'can't do? (Seen) Salute! I'm lifted well! Suckin' up a rip of that blue dream!
Track Name: Basicks
Gimme an inch and I'm in the door! (Sev has received a bit of opportunity and is seizing the moment) Syringes fixed with the sickest dope! (Sevs ready to release more great art) It's the way of the zombie! Kiss the ring of the zombie! It's the day of the zombie!
Yea! Li'l girl, who the fuck 'you thought it was? Puffin' that dank to the neck! Wayf gang, somethin' fresh to a scene full of lame-o's! S double M 'bout to show you how the game go! (How it go?) Switch up the style and pick up a pile of they money, what now? How 'bout another round? Fuck, I put my draws into this! Your girly' with gorillas, gettin' tossed in the mist! Nigga, and I got dibbles (dibs) on her thigh meat! Wanna know why? Motherfucker, breathalize me! I got my team in all black, throwin' signs! Your future; do or die! And my lime green weed is a nice thing... I just had to say it! And when I sing, your chicken (lady) like to fainted! Fuck visine! Fuck havin' a baby! I'm in it for the stage and the cake, nigga, basic.
Hear! Crossin over dimentions and genres. Older, amazin', I cleansed my damn chakras! Eat brains with yellowtail and Maine lobsters! Remain hot and imposters can't stop us! I locked eyes with Hollywood. If SickMind's in your life, then it's probably good, cuz! Rollin' hella kush up, retro! (Sev has been rolling kush for a long time) Tell your mama 'nem a zed nigga fixin' to explode! We be waitin' for the show backstage, blowin' hella dro with the best hoes! Don't go pokin' out your chest, though! Them wayf.gang soldiers is a mess, yo! And I ain't fixin' to play this year! Your bitch and all 'her cronies fixin' to play this here! I'll probably let the dames lick spear, then bang 'em to the beat, very basic.
Track Name: Colt Forty Fuck Yourself feat. (SIC)infestation
This is for the niggas who criticize day to day... and don't participate in the games we play... (What you tell 'em?!) Go Colt Forty fuck yourself!
Fresh out the box! (Casket) No socks; funky literate! Test the folks not to be ignorant! Let's suppose I mean alot as a lyricist! Locked in my pyramid until I picked a lock to the top! Is the fear in it? Yea, but I'm just trying to kick it like that horse on my 24 can, goddamn! You messed up booty chit-chatterin' around with sadder amounts of gossip slatherin' the town! Talkin' 'bout, 'DemiC in witness protection' and 'DemiC just wants some attention' and 'DemiC got hemned up for snitchin' nigga, I'm on the block with a shotty and my henchmen! Come through! I'll eat your fingers, stupid! Unless you pussy like willow and Justin Beiber music! Unless you'd rather sit all on the web and fake influence... I'm paid to do this and I'm fixin' to drink my fluid, come on!
Verse 2 by (SIC)infestation -
Unreal. (What's the deal?) As a matter of fact, the fucking panic attack that you've been feeling is not my fucking problem! (Stop it.) I dont take the wrap for that; solvin' the riddles, baring nothing intact! And then you act as if I owe you something?! Nothing is what you'll get with these assumptions! Scrumptious, chompin' on that gossip-berry sundae! One day soon, the answer's at your burial! (Break conditioning) It's odd to carry all the bullshit they're throwin' at me! And it seems that the culprit they're pulling is thee. Sincerely whip thy cock out and suck it! Haters out there living head under a bucket! Clueless confusion... fake intel is proven... spitting out unfactual delusions. Twist the message, makin' up conclusions. Dissect every single lyric, trippin' on the movement!
Track Name: This Lonely Ride
Good-bye to the few who were true in my former life, yea... Good-bye. There's no use for excuse; I've grown cold and tired on this lonely ride.
White lines (speed) tell a somber chronicle of high times. Leveled on the ponics, (weed) I'd suffice to say, I try to light the way. (Sev focuses on originality) Do me the solid of wildin' on any mockery! Honest, I need the lot to be smarter. I'm takin' back Darfur; where my people? Not you, I mean the ones who think harder will live to see the sequel. (Sev will continue to 'shed the skin' of stupid fans) These two compasses seem to overlap (masonry) the fiends are gonna snap when the factual leans to relapse. In or out of tact, I'll sicken all things! (Sev makes great art regardless of how he markets himself) Come on over to my side! Before I leave, I'll sky write 'WAYF' just to show that I'm a fly guy! Chill in pergatory sippin' on a maitai! If children heard the story, they would think it Sci-Fi! Mein Herz ('my heart' in German) is in the mind's eye! Rhythm is Zeitgeist; intirim life-like. Cuz right when Christ died, he knew the truth and now your shadow's laughing at you...
Killer tea cup, spinnin' by myself, though! In a beat's bump, they go dumb like Kelso! When I mean somethin' to y'all, I'll let the hell go! (Sev will work harder when more appreciation is shown) Is you figurin' it out? Dope, yo, I guess I'll have a cigarette and bounce, 'cuz I can't be around y'all forever! I'm off to the clouds wherein cough (weed/strawberry cough) and the sound's alot better! (Sev must be alone to create quality art) Don't irritate my check, mate, lead me to rule. (Sev wants full compensation for his art) Any other candidate ain't feesably cool! They move into abandoned places just to flee from a ghoul! (zombie films comparison) And they're smart to do that! I've embarked on a solo persuance of my soul in the ruins, who dat?! Sevvy rock zombie dead livin DemiC! Only go in public for my meds in the clinic! Yea, fuck how you feel about my fright style. Wayf World! Burn! Fuck it man, you know the deal. I'm alright now in the prime of my dead life and I can see the fear in your eyes...
Track Name: Finding Dividers
You know you love this zombie shit! This future shit, ha... but what you dont know is
I'm in the middle of a fight between a miracle (independent success) and my maker (evil) so, it might be the wrong side that a nigga end up on! The light (performing) will probably blind, cuz it 'been so long! And all I ever wanted was your funeral! (break conditioning) Bust your fuckin' future cold open, yo, I'm chewin' toes and calf meat. (zombie film imagery) Behold the captain; thats me! Glass tweek (meth) masterpieces catch heat! (Sev's art is addicting and gaining buzz) Do they bare a gift? Wherein is the magic? (Sev is taunting other similar artists) When an acid tablet bath'll have me slashin' 'em with no practice! So manish, but a whole lot more God! Profit off the high as if I sold cabbage (weed)! (Sev makes money from his music which is a natural high) But you gotta compromise to prosper and I'll obviously do so if alot's in the offer! Pot's in my bong, sir! Rocks (crack;addictive music) with the song! Work hard to get a small burst? Nah, I'mma crawl first!
I really want y'all (the Meat) to be with me, man... but I need space!
Finding dividers wont ever let me down! (In order to be happy, Sev needs privacy and control within his life.)
Separation! Shootin', never chasin', (Sev is a leader) I make moves like a mason. If you 'knew' this'd make sense. (Break conditioning) Bladin' it! So sharp and all up in 'em! Part of it's the rhythm and the art is the makeshift... or the remainder. (Obsessive fans are drawn by artist personality as well as actual art) Gamin' aint astranged to me! (Sev is not gullible) Free, it's so insane to be! Go lay on your face, but keep your motherfuckin' ears open! (Pretend that you dont recognize Sev's talent, but continue listening) I'm some fifteen beers in and we're smokin'! But, let me focus on keepin leave from you until my moment! (Sev prefers distance from his fans until he arrives for a resurrection) Yo, indeed a need to do! Mine's a diamond cut from Gibraltar! (Sev's time and energy is precious) What the people want from me is gonna cost! These stories are told in tattoos! More than bad news! So morbid in my forest, I could feast on a fiend or two (Sev is citing two of his songs), but you... go and get from 'round me! (Sev hates being hassled by fans) SickMind sounds speak more than my mouthpiece! (Sev's music is a better friend than he could ever be to his fans)
It took me a long time to figure out how to properly do this shit... and now that I've figured it out, I know that you can't please everybody, goddamn! So, I'mma just do my motherfuckin' thing, right?...Shit...