by SevidemiC

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released May 4, 2012

all zombie hop is written, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Evan Ellis (SevidemiC)



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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Track Name: Welcome to Mars feat. NoEmotion
When I get high, you move your body, baby, welcome
to Mars; our shelter's in the star's!

'Red rocks, bitches' (Dave Chapelle quote) test the
best doctrine! (break conditioning) Yes, SevidemiC
is in it to mesh Compton with some Miami now you're
off into the cosmos. Cloning picasso, (Sev and
NoEmotion are both iconic) stoned at the rot show.
(live show) You should watch GoldMask and a boss get
uncovered like fossil and floss (show off) on 'em
hostile! I can never go back to the false (being
brainwashed) so, let the funk initiate! Countdown -
lift the place! (Sev's live shows are high-energy)
Awful. Yes, nigga, awfully awesome. Tossin' any
caution away to be a Martian. (Sev isn't afraid of
being different) Coughin' my crops out, (smoking
weed) the zombie departed up and away with eternity
in target. (Sev plans to be remembered forever)
Throw this on and rocket right out your apartment.
(Sev's music elevates the spirit) The starship
enterprise (Star Trek reference) aint shit, hardly.
I hit the space station to get a drink and they aint
card me. Tar baby (Compton High School mascot)
Farscape. NASA gone gnarly.
Track Name: Came 2 Kill
Coast on a turtle back, roast that urkel! (get high)
Black caps on my murdillac (Sev's car) glass (meth)
in my verbals. Act classy and get cold slapped.
Where the hoes at? Blastin' a pilom (blunt) bat; toe
tag (broken conitioning) action! Trippin' down a
stony road of wicked sound. Lift the crowd alone
rippin the bitch aloud! (Sev commands his audiences)
Holy Moses, dont hold me. I loathe in my sect of
the death (reborn consciousness) and it's cozy.
Grody, forcey, deader than a floorknob! (ignorance)
Better with some cheddar; (Sev's music is better now
that he's invested more money) our endeavor is abort.
(break conditioning) Love as more shrug and divorce
us. You see we rape em (forceful love) and be makin'
even more fuss, enormous! The fungus is around.
(Sev's burdens) Stuck to the gown of my maiden
(Sev's music) from the morgue dust. (zombie style)
Moreso, I mangle with a cord, bro! (microphone) and
bang, DemiCrip (SevidemiC revolution) off of dank
(weed) and a Norco! (pain pill) Swing in the thing
like 'famous!' Came to depict that the game (the
music industry) is some lame shit! On the playlist
of your main bitch! Call it language (Sev's sentence
structure is so obscure its a language) Not the
painless (Sev is not a happy artist) But this amazes!

I came to kill (recruit) so you wont seal the real
out; dont do that to me. Greedy. You're greedy when
you come around. (fans expect alot for free from
I came to kill for true appeal's in fear style, baby.
(Sev's art is real entertainment)

Amplification rakes in the patients! (Sev's abrasive
style is earning him more followers) Damned with
abrasions, (Sev cuts) grace, (Sev is devine) & the
latest news from atop this ladder of the rot gets
sadder in the plot, but does it matter if you got
nothing else? (Sev's personal life keeps getting
worse and all he knows how to do well is music) If I
aint dope, cut the belt. (heroine reference) Or hit
the same smoke (have no variety in musical tastes)
and fucking fail, whore. Say you want more, so they
shot me with adrenaline. (Sev is given a stabilizing
adrenaline shot live to prolong his intense
performances) Summoned the realest and left me layin'
on the floor! SMM keeps the fatalest drugs. I'm
faded a mug. I'm meanin' to say that I'm blazed as
a motherfucker. (Sev is high on weed) Resurrect,
wildin. Feel the affect of my vibin' (Sev will
pretend to be human) Kill the impression (Sev will
stop pretending) or reel from rejection (or not
succeed in his mission) not resting to beckon the
violence! (Sev is tirelessly stirring the pot of the
music community) I've been toilin' again, (working
hard) Royal with the pen, soiled like a McPoyle
(dirty, milk-drinking TV show character) in the den.
(ignorance) Right, don't spoil it for them. (milk)
DemiC is raw (milk) them be the soy and the skim,
boy! (Sev is the best in his field)
Track Name: Morbid Forest
Navigate through brews (beer) and foliage. (weed)
Who's lonely? Its all of everybody in this phony
bitch. Forraging the zoniest points in a whorde
spree! (zombie film imagery) Ya voice can't afford
me - erroneous! (Meat can summon Sev) When the worms
(nerds) combine with the ravers, you will crave war
(Sev to reign in music) and I will be your savior.
Flood the core (infiltrate the music industry) dodge
a rojo laser. (spy movie imagery) Coppers who jock
us can lick a cockle loco major. (anti hip hop cops)
Ride in the mold lane. (play SMM's games) Pipe dro
up! Cold dead Coltrane, (iconic jazz musician)
zombie, what! High on a Tuesday (Sev's ritualistic
maintenance day) Murder on the moor. Do everything
to kill it (recruit Meat at all costs) so they die
(break conditioning) in a cool way! Who say? Me say!
CRIPpin on my replay! (Sev is a constant mode of
revolution) Doomsday keepsake - (zombie hop) limb
bits from the trees, (weed) man! Hittin' keif, set
to preach (create) out the Sick Mind treehouse,
bitch. Im beast 'round this! Morbid sources. (Sev
draws art from death) Stylized orchids. Piledrive
mormons like Guile (Street Fighter character) with a
cordless. (microphone) Ice cold Coors set the coarse
for endorphins. A transformer (x tab) more and I'm
floored (rolling - high on exstacy) in the forest!
Torching the corpses ensure our abortions, (zombie
film imagery) but dont be sore, you can score with
the torment! (Sev's music will always be around)
Report to the warden. (become Meat) I say you hella
good. (get approval) Resort to the forfeit, I prey
they hella would! (dont oppose SMM) The taste ain't
shook, (Sev is still hungry) we bangin' in the lotto!
(taking chances) Lames tend to follow, we mechete
through the woods! (SMM is original in approach) My
name is in The Book. (Sev is devine) Blaming this
bravado! (Sev is cocky) Trained to get collossal
when my paint is in your brush! (The more Sev's art
spreads, the more he is inclined to create it)

In time you will be free and I'll be tellin' the
story! (Sev is recruiting Meat on his own terms)
Invited to release your prior hell (brainwashing)
for the morbid forest. (getting high and enjoying
to zombie hop)

Nature's now unhealthy, seen your colour fade.
Bleeding to the wealthy, seasons rust away.
(The NWO is killing you)

Load up! (get ready) Tapped, going goo! (THC
concentrate) slap yous and your crew, huh? (Sev
fears no one) Venom in the shrew (small animal with
deadly venom - SMM) got goose, (loose) babybubba,
shut your cluck and find temples! (stop being
sodramatic and educate yourself) Sin is sexing
design in my crystals. (Sev sees a bright and
exquisite future for his art) 'Don't stop 'til you
bust a nut!' (Afeni Shakur quote) Ghost hop (zombie
hop) go tropical, hustle up! ('Semi Pro' film
reference) Most cocky when the rocks meet my rum in
cup. Slammed under the canopy, (high on weed)
managing our gravity with the muscle, cuz! (SMM
is stable) I seen you in the leaves, (high) jammin'
out your mandles! Swing from a vine, so cancelled!
That means we're going off! Twack, (meth), greens,
(weed) and the flowin' sauce! (liquor) Woe is us,
throw it up at me! (wayf.gang sign) Swamp Row!
(Sev's former Compton neighborhood) Don DemiC, awful
apostle! Not to be crossed, for the rot (zombie hop)
will accost you! Caught in a mosh (Anthrax band
reference) who wants it with a boss, nigga? (Sev is
taunting opposition) Floss, (show off) and you will
get your digits bitten off! Listen, if I'm lickin' a
stem, (eating magic mushrooms) iggins (ignorance -
wayf for 'crazyness') is iminent. Him is driven from
within, and they're just scrimmagin' the ball! (Sev
is serious and rappers are garbage) Riffin', missing
kilobits adrift, (going crazy) but the sicknesses
depictions see vivid and we diminish 'em all! (Sev
is utilizing his dimentia as a tool for success)
Track Name: Burdens
Emotionally inept. (Sev has no shame or remorse)
Beaten up indeed, a wreck. (Sev has demons) Please
just let me breathe a sec. (Sev hates traditional
fame) Bring the sun to me. (Sev wants Meat to show
allegiance and make him more powerful)

My sinking feeling's going haywire. (Sev is
inspired) Stay for a while so I can take more than
Marcello (Benedetto Marcello, Italian composer) for
my tarot reads 13! (death tarot/sick future) Rowing
for the lake. (Working towards being covered in
women) Pour my style for the pay. (Sev has figured
out how to market) Bowing your cello, (pushing your
buttons) sore-eyed (high on meth) pharoah of burnt
dreams. (Sev movement redeems outcasts) Karma's got
a kiss. She's timid with her lips, but I'm sure to
find excitement in the light between her hips,
(Sev is making sure that he makes good on his dark
era) so I'm gonna ride a bison through the plains
of the pain. (Sev uses his agony to create) Shootin'
arrows (releasing quality art) for my sparrows,
(demons) hunting brains (asleep public) as my game,
cuz. I hold weight, (Sev is burdened) more weight
than I care to carry, terror scary! Wary in eternal
purging infernos of truth. In abuse to boost ruse!
(Sev is tired of baring his soul without the cover
of his art, so he commits to a disciplinarian role)
Hey, dude, if this is new to you, we've been cruisin'
through the screws, maneuvering suits beautiful!
(SMM has been gaining success despite evil jabs by
the music industry) This cannibal approach (zombie
hop) breeds animal of most jealous intentions/
inventions; aint no paddles on the boat! (Record
companies have tried to sign Sev, but he saw no
future in that decision) So they drift away into the
rich decay of what we know not enough; some sense
the break! Hence the pace. (Sev works hard) I like
it rough, I'm tight enough! (Sev welcomes adversity)
Lay my burdens down, find a mic and light 'em up!
(Sev channels his negative energy during live shows)

My sinking feeling's on a schtick about face to the
fixtures in my scriptures. (Sev is feeling down)
Albeit, this flinchy temper descends on how me sees
it with ends. (Sev feels better when he is paid for
his work) Let's fill this empty up, simply enough.
(Sev is beckoning the Meat spread his art) I'm
dustin' fistacuffs (fighting) with these greasy
demons, nigga, what? This ain't even about the normal
sob story that you always hear. (Sev doesnt want
pity) Drowning these in beer. Preach to reach the
gears. Now you're taken for me. (Once Sev is in a
position of power, he knows he will be praised)
Pound your day in something, I use a beat (Sev
works on music constantly) & the burdens release
temporarily; I'm acin', homie! (Sev finds success
by using pain to fuel his art) Lifted with this hemp
and zenphen ridiculous and if you missed it, don't
trip, I'll pitch you missles and rickits. (the best
is yet to come) Drill it, dentist. (play Sev's
music constantly) Ridden with the sinister. (Sev has
demons). Killin' every chicken til me finish, huh?
(Sev will fight haters indefinitely) Lickin' on me
fingers with a dinner bun. (ignorance/zombie imagery)
Zombies got in it, (Sev has a buzz) watchin shit
diminish! (The industry cant compare to SMM) Call me
to get it crunk; nausea, (wayf.gang drink) crip,
(weed) and bitches. This is glistening sickness, so
burdens are a necessary business! Pain makes the
art, cuz ain't nobody trippin' off the innocent!
Track Name: Feast
You give me nothing to believe in! I'm holding onto
me! (Sev is inspired by his own celebrity)
Too sickly; fucking through with reason. Im roaming
off to feast! (Sev is tired of furthering his art in
a humane manner and is now ready to fully commit)

Yea, I know you got the taste! (Sev is aware of his
buzz) How I laid ya face up and dug all in your
trachea! (zombie film imagery) Watch me get her hot
like a baker. (Sev's music is an aphrodisiac) Tag it
like a laser; glossin' off her crotch! (sex) Sick
god damn frejeloterac! (ignorance) Grease her lower
back, then my belt will get a notch! (sex) All of my
demons went lethal. Sprawl out the evil when we
eatin, my people! (with SMMs success, evil musical
energies die) My nigga, I be go! (high-energy) Fly
scenes intervene with a writhing show. (live) 'Might
steam my green with a watery soak! (weed dipped in
sherm) my pottery broke, (Sev lost his mind) so now
I feast on all of the folk, like you! (Sev is only
focused on spreading his art) Soon, there will be
nothing but room in a dust ring, (apocalypse)
grubbing out on a boob with shrooms in a tomb.
(private drug-fueled stints with women) Bite two, or
maybe even three at a time! (zombie film imagery)
Leave 'em in line, I'm about to dine on a human

Ladies, they remember 'Eat Me' and 'Killin Crazy'
(older songs of Sev's) but killin crazy ain't
fulfilled me lately! (Sev's music is getting better
quickly) Maybe even passed up the last one! If it
dont slap, baby, gag on the fashion! (Sev is mocking
those who claim to not like his music. Hes saying
'if you dont like the music, check out how cool I
look!') Bloody rides upon my mustache (eating vagina
while woman is menstruating) & cashin' in bags of
blood for a valid ration. (Sev's will go to extreme
lengths to make good on his hard work) Afterwards,
pass the buds (Sev will smoke weed and celebrate
with SMM) and gut the dragons! (disgust evil)
Succastash phlegm's such a task when I'm gassin'!
(it's difficult to sing clearly when performing at
full energy) Fuckin' ask him what the haps is on
that, then. Feastin', whether I'm lickin' bass lips
(eating pussy) or rappin'! Cheddar and biscuits,
(money and guns) listed loco, flippin' the popo off!
Fixing to mix mischief with this shrimp and Togo's,
dipped in risotto sauce! (ignorance) Honey, it does
something funny to my tummy! (Sev inspires himself)
Yummy when I'm chewing 'em down. (Sev likes his
growing popularity) No money, I'll do it for nothin,
find you at the luncheon. We're munching up the
coolest around! (All types of people are Meat)
Track Name: Life of the Dying
What's goin' on with the trunk rattle battle rock?
(have you heard zombie hop?) Chumps got a pimp and
SevidemiC ain't trickin! (Sev won't sell his soul
for fame) Punch from the bump (bass) thumps dump
(poop) out of your saddlebox, (butt) punk! Slumped
with the metal in your Michelins. (Sev's music is
mesmerizing) You ain't goin nowhere; dope in the
worst way! Choke, faggot, dont stare! (Sev knows
he's a spectacle) Shorty, its your birthday! (women,
dance!) Hey, party like it's armaggeddon! Helped
myself to sevenths leaving nothing on the plate!
(Sev is taking advantage of his gifts and knowledge)
Wait, or should I say your face? Cuz, I ate that
bitch and deficated the remains all over the rap
game; (Sev knows you and everyone else like zombie
hop) emptied bowels on it. Sonic intrusion lawless,
so the audience moshes. I told you to hold still,
didn't I? (Sev mocks how hard it is to not dance to
zombie hop) Startin' my own, (SMM) fuck that
Illuminati sigma phi. I rule it oddly; dead demigod.
Theres a blessing in the ox meat. (biblical) Tell it
to a zombie!

Fail to feel the time fall right through our hearts
and minds! (People dont respect their existance)
Impaled and unshielded. (brainwashed) All's fine
(sarcasm) in the life of the dying. (those who
havn't fully broken conditioning)

Thrive on the go! (create on uppers) Night flows
through my rhythm. (Sev manipulates his demons
through his music) Tight hold on my mission, this
incision might loathe! (Sev knows he could take his
vision over the edge) Toes tippin' to the ceilin'
(completely consumed in his art) frozen in a missin'
vision. (Sev's music is original) Rippin' hits of an
OG (weed) & gettin' stoned! Whoo, baby, you're
infected! (you like zombie hop) Who would fade me?
(No one is better than Sev artistically) Stay true
to the dead kid. (Sev) True rabies. (loyal Meat) Let
me get at em. I'm tracking (recording) a fathomably
callous path of verbal action! Pass a burning bat of
cabbage in a wrap! (weed) Then crack it under the
bottom, turn it up & pop the cap like that! It is
called a shotgun! We do it in the dead zone (Sev's
secret hangout) with a diddy bop, dun! & now I'm
scoopin up a cute little zombie chick. Bust a nut on
her caboose, shit, cuz mami thick. Nigga, I'm way
past kickin' the can! (Sev is serious about his art)
On my own program and ain't giving a damn!
Track Name: Tortured Orchard
When the rot pops off, pause and get lost on it!
(play SMM's games) You sought raw sonic proposito in
the pocket. (Meat want good music) I'm locked in
your optics. Caught in the toxins. Hostage under a
cross, knockin' back Jack shots! It's hot shit! Cash
crop, ominous chocolate. (Sev knows he will make
money from the character 'chocolate') That's not the
riddle, but chaps cop my drivel. (Sev doesnt want to
focus this song on 'chocolate' but instead focus on
how much people are into his art) Intact atop a
missile. (Sev is destined for greatness) I sizzle,
your fluids trickle. (Sev knows he is talented) In
fact, I'm not the civil individual! Kid, you wont
get it until a brick is in your temple, (people only
understand drama) so emphasis imprinted on your
mental - accentuating intensive flow! (Sev puts his
career's future within his lyrics) Dig it? Frickin'
midgets (dumb people) get the mindfuck! I gave em 9
months to get sick (Sev set a goal to be on tour 9
months from his 25th birthday) and time's up! Yo,
light the kine, (weed) punk! Mine bumps fine! (Sev
is giving artistic credit to himself) Slunt (wayf
word for needy women) terrible. Incline! (Succeed)
Front and sever you in time, son! (Sev sees all
who oppose him and will cut them from his movement)
'beware' the song. (deftones reference) Run the
marathon. (stick with SMM for the long haul) Once
the scare is on, punch & tear at cons (fight evil
forces/defend SMM) terror paragon, yup!

You are now in tune with the gratuitous influence of
me in my tortured orchard. (weed induced musicality)
Few are found in full but surely will turn up piece
by piece (zombie film imagery) in my tortured
orchard. (Sev will continue to recruit Meat)

Piece by peice, some of the mangled up Meat can be
preached to easy, sniping 'em right from plush trees.
(weed helps people understand zombie hop) Prideful,
I gripe and bust heat. (Sev creates great music)
Eiffel, they'd like to touch me. Rivals to the trife
and weak! (SMM) This be we, ditzy fiends crave
zedrock death hop. (zombie hop) Rest stop dirty. Not
worthy of the half a second I just took to mention
'em. I'm taking my lyrical hat off and beating 'em
senseless yellin' 'Gilligan!' I'm rollin a bone
(weed) and off a pill again. Youve got your eyes on
the motherfucking hills I'm in! (Sev knows his buzz
is growing) Something's rough and tumble along the
pathway, actually! (Sev forsees a harsh future)
Where you now find your body, it ain't no passe/
blasse fucking bullshit. (Sev's art is legitimate)
Loaded like full clips. (drunk and high) CRIP.
(Community Revolution In Progress) The tune dips
stupidly. (Sev is serious) Who's this? SevidemiC.
Who's that? Beast (Adrian Carujo) on the boom bap!
(instrumental) Dude, tap your boo's fat booty to my
tomb rap! (have sex to his music)
Track Name: Sleazy Diseazy
Star, which side do we side on? (Sev is weighing the
options of fame) Far from blind disease! (Sev leans
towards the benevolence) Dark inside the sleaze!
(Sev recognizes evil)

Nestle with infection, (get acquainted with zombie
hop) echo through deception, yep! (break condtioning)
Testing this protection, (Sev has experience in
white magick) let go through finesse and death!
(break conditioning) Tangled in the approach, rain
is cleverly cloaked. (The Illuminati tricks people)
The pully system's (evil music companies) got it in
for me but I've got a secret weapon. I'll fight back!
Baffled at the concept. (Sev hates the Illuminati)
Rattled to the point of never asking who is God next.
(people are led blindly) Sacrificial mania. (The
music industry) Tattle to your God next. (Sev mocks
Christians) mind lepers (the Illuminati) flourish &
the purest detergents (SMM) avert this crash. Initial

Killing, (zombie hop) we need it.
Care, (mocking the bohemian grove) we need it.

Willing to tear you apart in a minute, its endless.
(Sev threatens the Illuminati) Ginning while we
ghost ride (car stunt) there (to destiny), yea!

Sick Mind macro (SMM), pack a fat bowl! Trip devine
lazlo. (glorious rule) Track (record) in 'attack
mode.' Perverted infirmity. The work (zombie hop) is
at your service. The curse of curbing absurdity (bad
music) it falls like bird shit. Iconic, soon to be.
I'll rock the eulogy. Deadsperate (dead/desperate)
zed word. (zombie) Kill em up! (recruit Meat) Yes,
bitch! Pop a thizz! (Exstacy) Nigga, what? Messner.
(reknown adventurer) Reckless. Turn it to 11,
(Spinal Tap reference) shleppin text as I dress this!
On the block, rag hangin like a necklace. Gross. Fuck
it, man, I'm hella West Coast! Swamp (Sev's former
neighborhood) thing syndrome. Lock the beat and get
gone, (make good music) do it! I'm blowin' oowie
(weed) munchin' on a scoobie! (weed brownie) Moshing
pits go hot; the geeks are ripped, loc - phooey!
(Meat never get too high) the chosen few be puffin
like true beasts! & Imma screw beats all off in the
ass with the clap on me shaft and a quad (1/4 oz. of
weed) in me backpack!
Track Name: Ashes feat. Que Theory
Burn it all! (Disrupt society)
Vibhuti, fly, bottom, cigar - (all types of ash) who
cares? There's nothing fucking left of an empire! A
fair share of fire has engulfed it! Heavens to the
pulpit! (Sev fantasizes about the society's fall)
In analytical chemistry, this is the compound in
question. Combustion (SMM) crept up on the system to
fuck them. Witness the aftermath of eruption.

Who will be the flame? (the aggressor)
Who will be the paper? (the victim)
Who will seek the rain? (follow evil)
Who will seek the savior? (live the good)

They found there that town was consumed in ahses!
(Meat took over) Rainy corridors make a muddy debris!
(pain makes heavy art) They found there that sound
was entombed in ashes! (zombie hop) Patients of a
war (potential Meat) wait for something to see!
Track Name: New AmeriCan Zombie
Tied real tight to my rituals. Mic high on calomine
chemicals. (Sev coats his microphone is a flame
retardant gel for live shows) 12 kills since I came
'round wearin' a plain frown, (Sev has been
recruiting Meat) barrelin' down on sacred mirrored
rooms. (Sev is at war with the Illuminati) I suit
with bruising shoes. (Sev is aggressive) In illusions,
truth is a noose induced. (The Illuminati kills you
with lies) With the Cruzian, (rum) dude gets goose &
boobed. (Sev does great live shows while drunk)
Frickin' cool and tubular, aloof in Jupiter. (strain
of weed/Sevan is high) Often, copies get lost;
Degrassi. (Sev mocks Drake) Crocks are breakin' the
shocks and makin' me want to cross them off in
awesome wash with tossed atrocities in these coffins,
we rockin' philosophies! (Sev plans to use his art
to do away with evil/meritless music)

Focused on the trip and the trade. (art & marketing)
You've already bitten the bait. (you like what you
hear) Live on your face, but your're a gonner!
(denial means nothing)

This isnt sentimental, it is a crippin' missile! (Sev
isn't worried about anyones emotions; hes's on a
mission) Call it chaos in the pocket, American. This
is the quintessential dead presidential wreckage.
(zombie hop is necessary and profitable) Reference in
the leverage. (proof of Sev's success is in his buzz)

New American Zombie.

Ride real high on the trichomes. (THC) Rhymes turn
the sky into a cyclone. 5 stones ($5) shy of a cone's
eye glowing. (burning joint) Nose dive in my Boeing,
yo. (Sev is getting too high) I've got the groty flow!
Telepath map, hella pragmatic. (Sev knows his journey
will be difficult) Take a look - rebel rap craft level,
mass metal. (Sev's art is heavy) Bash devils. Hash
bebblin' (bubblin') fast and that settles on the
track in the treble with the masses embezzled. (Sev's
music is mesmerizing) Mine, mine. Bound in twine,
(wardrobe reference) crowned solar out the fold of
decline. (Sev is devine) Sound goes into mind, mouth
closed, improvise. (stop being dramatic and submit
to zombie hop) Now, souls are to find their accuser -
Loser! (one finds oneself upon becoming a student of
zombie hop)