by SevidemiC

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released March 6, 2012

all music written, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Evan Ellis (SevidemiC)



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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Track Name: Telekinesis
Distant affliction. I move the crowd with my fucking
mind on a mission to get it now. Semi-tucked in
binds (wardrobe) and a condition, so experimental,
from me to the soil! Covered in the bleach and
blessed oil. (Sev is original & driven by
righteousness) First, learn to get turnt and splurge
in the neuroimage! (Sev's art is exciting if you
give it a chance) Paranormality, babble, satelites &
fearful limits. (extra terrestrial reference) Here
is a vision amended subtly over centuries. (Sev's
message is refined ancient knowledge) Puffin' on a
mint leave (newport cigarette) Fuckin' with me?
Irga chigga (verbal scratching) Chest shot, alive!
Leg shot, alive! (zombie film imagery) S double
M-ing in the A-spot for life! (SMM superiority) Ace
'em again and then add souls in motion (recruit more
Meat) psycho-kinetical, rolling open. (exstacy)
Thoughtform. Zombie projection. Holographic facets
of madness and rabid panic! Tragedy brittanica!
Breaking encyclopedia. (Sev's begun a new tradition)
The media's stoned! Back to the essense of the
movement, you're clueless if you think I ain't
abusing my two cents. (Sev will preach, regardless)
Add a nickel, prick, (2 + 5 = 7 cents) buy your soul
back. Toe tag sentiment (love is dead) dro slap.
(Weed enhanced music) Know that cold pack of Bud
Light beckons Sevan's sunsight! (alcohol assists Sev
artistically) Heaven is invested (Sev is divinely
guided) so lets wreck it (exhibit high energy) with
a slump, (song with massive bass) right? If I check
a dumb dyke with my brainwaves, Imma grub on her
plump thigh from my one mic! (Sev uses his music to
have sex with women) I dont get tongue-tied, I get
hyphy! & you are going to die until my fucking high
subsides. (Sev does great shows while high on weed)
Like a dancing bull (wine) utilizing enchanting
tools, stunting (performing) backyard in an
abandoned pool! Act hard and its a wrap for you! Mad
smart to chip a stack or two (make money) where's
your money at? Scary, slummy rap baked off of THC;
they can hate me, it's still an obsession! I've got
your election, wait. (political mockery) Now, I see
straight! (Sev is illuminated) Scream for my thesis!
(demand Sev's art) Stock horrid flourescense
(continue to create mesmerizing art) More in the
best is coming from the camp, cunt! Feel it when the
bass bumps, sagmatic master! Curious if I'm in your
dime's mind? Ask her. (Sev has an affinity for
stealing women in relationships) Acid tabs curve
spines and serve signs to the masses. (Sev's is
heavily influenced by trip culture artistically)
Curse fine, inert (style description) time slide
(ancient knowledge) you perspire and I tire from the
finite. (Sev is ready to perform on a large scale)
Track Name: NeurotiCa
Theres no feeling too fatal for you, no. (You are
stronger than you think) We're those in pain; you
can't know what's true yet! (only time will
reveal reality)

Terror is here, but the level of the fear? That
is up to you! (one must choose to become Meat)
I'll be the rebel with a beer passing bomb (weed)
to myself; I can bust back if fired on and let
you eat rounds this entire song! Wow - tell me
about it, I'm a muligger. That'll be a music nigga
with the fuel about to stick my tool in her. Who's
that? Hip hop, that bitch catchin dick; I'll rap
in the deficit and slap for the heck of it. (Sev
will resurrect quality music) Blahblahblah,
frickin hatters (haters) give me gassiness!
Excuse me, I'm relieving flatulence! Ain't it only
natural? Painted up face? Blazing through a sack
or two; vaping dutch haze. (weed) L.A. 'gon hate,
that is not my problem. (Los Angeles is not
as inclined to Sev's music as other markets)
Zombie rocking 'em! Broccoli, (weed) toss it in!
Honestly, I'm popping off, so we suggest you cop
(buy into) the kid! Shut 'em down, crawl before
the odd Solomon! Dukin' (pooping) on their
swagger, gnaw all on the fashion. (break
conditioning) SIC was kickin smack, so I bubbled
up the hash, then. (before SIC and Sev met, SIC
was heavy into heroine and Sev was heavy into
hash) Buckbuck! Dead nigga bustin' at random!
(drive by shooting reference) Coagulated passion,
dont you be the last in! (zombie film imagery)

Who the fuck is that lurkin' in the corridor? Oh,
it's me, SevidemiC, soul/metal/horrorcore! Walker!
Geekin' it up, ain't a limit to the infection me
deal out! (Sev has no creative cap) Steal all of
your plasma and peel out! That's enough, I feel
proud enough to go postal! (Sev has a new
confidence in his art) Straight cold loco! Yell
'oh no' like Yoko! Yea, I'm nothing social, but
simply the focal point of the argument when you
vent on who is most cool! (Sev is a recluse who
simply asks the Meat to spread his art) Like pro-
tools, yea, nigga, we runnin'! Blow five Os of
wreck (trainwreck - strain of weed) because it's
nothin'! You should recognize a veteran, yes! I
get to puffin', then I rock 7,000 to death!
You're bluffing! Well, not 7,000 yet, but I'm
tough, so I'm lookin' for 70,000 next and make
adjustments. (Sev predicts fame and fortune for
himself) Bang the buck shit all off in your disc
deck! Drive into a sick trek with your bowls
dusted! (play Sev's music in your car while driving
under the influence of weed)
Track Name: Stamina
Pure ability will decimate this and any facility!
Sick activity; trip and the frickin' kids'll get
the beast! (Sev's live show is high-voltage and
volitile) Jiminy Crippit, SevidemiC's is
monolithic! Admit that, when I flip raps arridic/
erratic c-c-come on, baby, show me what they
hittin for (negotiating) niggaro, this is shit to
show them bitches at the liquor store! (Sev's
music now has an urban appeal) Running major!
(Sev is working hard) Sprint right through the
comatose! Dusting vapors; (weed) hit it then we
get some more! Cousinometry, (CRIP reference)
we're robbing in an outrun! (SMM is on a mission
for growth) If you're floppin' on the couch, dun,
zip your doubty mouth! (lazy people need not
associate with SMM) Keep it moving, indubitably!
Uncouth; assume it'll be me choppin' all at 'em
with the koonas. (Sev paints an image of him
rapping onstage with big sunglasses on) Fast
granite, trippin telepathic (Sev's has the
ability to win over audiences) with a metal
racket, (Sev has hard rock injected into his
style) establish a fackin' (fucking) grand
package! So, now you see you're fuckin' with a
damn savage! Joggin' laps around your raps, go
stand in traffic. (Sev hates rappers)

I'm doggin' it, Pat! I'm fuckin' doggin' it!
(Pappa Legba/'Heavyweights' reference) Damn devil
log! Hoss, call it in! Duck and get 'em off (Sev
is a recluse) Hit the pause, then boss from a man
to a mystic. (Music makes Sev a superhero) Flan
with a biscuit; jizzin' on your bitch lips. (Sev
likes to have sex with women in relationships)
Cannabis and mollywops, (exstacy) lost in the
rays! (light of creation) Mr. Anubis enter on a
dolly with a cross on his face (live show
reference) locked in a bubble (Sev is a recluse)
coughin'! (smoking weed) They're not cut out for
competition! Caution, my nugga, if you're living
(brainwashed) we dont listen! Take the toss, my
apes are falsely herded to the raping dock,
disgraced and all! (brainwashed people live lives
of no substance) Inverted 'cause their pace was
off; launched late from the blocks, huh? (track &
field reference) Take the loss, haunt day on they
chakra! (anti Illuminati reference) We stole the
lightning! (pun on a pun - 'stealing thunder')
Flowing like a breeze (Sev finds music easy)
imposing on life when these freaky bitches drink
and get to the dykin', (girls get wild at Sev's
shows) you'll see, Imma bite & defile 'em; Mike
Tyson, yee!
Track Name: Tasty Fate
Eventual/evangelical/peaceful. (Sev is calm and
optimistic) Crease up the pleats, man, let em go!
(live wardrobe reference) Stand on a pedestal.
Restin' never; chess is more appropriate than
checkers in describing this impressive flow.
(Sev's lyrics take practice in understanding)
Guess who! Sevirro Demicon. (ignorance) Vexin'
more bitches; stripper cess pole. (low-class
women are attracted to Sev, but he ignores them)
Gross on the left coast. (Sev is from California)
Go posting (spread Sev's art) smokin' on the most
green, (weed) boasting... Got you fiending like
a dope fiend, broadie! (Sev's music is addicting)
No scheme holy, holier than the Media's! (anti
New World Order) I had to life the cross after
the way the labels treated us! (Sev decided to
use his power of light to achieve instead of
trusting record labels) Cabled to the seeds 'n
such (built SMM from the ground up) disabled
disease and thus, deaded it. Tethered to the
crescent and its evident! (Anti Illuminati/New
World Order reference) Messin' with the treasures
less (Sev is not distracted with the lure of
big money) and dressing for the decadence! (Sev
is prepared for praise) Sexin' with the best and
gettin' paid damn daily! Lay me down seven feet
below the daisies. I'll be back in the winter,
baby, never try to play me! (Sev illudes to a
death followed by a winter return)

Walking right through the fire (diversity)
Only fate can do away with the heinous.
Watching rightful desire (Sev's success is no
surprise to him)
Only taste can do away with the fake shit.

Blessed. The dead kid's interpersonal rebel in
torment. (Sev is a man in pain) Section off the
nest off wretched decibels! (Sev doesnt allow bad
music around him) Allegedly decked and bloody
(wardrobe reference) rockin' at the Roxy (Los
Angeles venue) to Dredg! Rasta leaf chiefin'
(smoking weed) watch me! Llama tucked (gun in
pants) drop commas, I'm not stoppin', my nogga!
Not a pop punk, but you'll get gobbled up in my
drama! (Sev has publicity stunts planned)
Paparazzi, don't you fool with me ghoulers! (SMM
does not allow outside photography) I ball in
fockin' box seats, (Sev receives preferential
treatment when he does go out) move in a stuper
with rougers! (Sev is always under the influence
& armed) Booger sugar (cocaine) is cool. On
booze, I might abuse a bitch! Zombie
conglomorate, were truly nothing new to this!
Stewey. (smart and violent like the 'Family Guy'
character) You'll find me rollin (exstacy) like a
movie with a floosie (whore) in the cuzzi; keep
livin. (stay brainwashed if you want) Imma do me!
Lock it up with the crew and keep it moving like
a dualie. (tour reference) The shoe is fittin',
let me kick it, fool! (Sev is finding his comfort
zone) Sooki sooki! (black expression loosely
meaning 'congrats') I know you're sour 'cuz
you're losin', homie! Oowee, but you ain't shit
and the press aint missin' you. (Sev thinks most
of today's artists dont deserve any attention)
Track Name: Skwallur
I don't care about nothing but death! (Sev is
only focused on his career) Rivals swear, pout,
mug & obsess! (Haters hate) Final curtain - comfy
cursed animus...Ha, I'm fucking with you, runnin'
with my savages! (Sev will make you think he's
dead while furthering his movement) Law?
Irrelevant! Fucker, what you talkin' bout? (Sev
is a revolutionary) Imma call em out, just to
rock 'em in the jaw! (Sev likes to fight) Often
poppin' off. (Sev has a short temper) Burnin'
like a molotov. (smoking weed) Slurpin' on the
purple, (lean) coughin urkelbachen (a strain of
weed) on and off! Shyah! (ignorance) Give 'em
hell like raw! (Sev is ferocious) Implore the
claw (CRIP) on a bitch cuz it felt right! DemiC
get it jumpin when a motherfucker's buzzin'!
Super damn doing it and zombie sludgin' (a
smoothie with far too much alcohol) Cousin, what
you know about swamp (Sev's former Compton
neighborhood) life? Bust a hater ass faggot in
the face on-site. (Sev likes to fight) Alright!
Get me out of here to chase a little breath!
(Sev is a recluse) stick it to my chest and make
the block turn bombsight. (terrorism reference)

Sqwallur (holler) at your zombalog. (zombie)
Sqwallur at the freak!
Squallur at the beast!

Where is there a mind more sick than here? That
place just does not exist! Im ready to shotgun
(way of guzzling beer cans) stick them beers!
After me lips hit the chronic spliff! (weed)
Turnt up! (over excited) Jerkin' deadbeat (Sev's
production tag) berch (bitch) what? I'm sippin'
to the rhythm again, you dirt slut. Kissin' on
a bitch and her twin, a-murda! (murder - Sev likes
that) I'm slicker than the shit on my rim
(penis) from her butt! I got it, so I'm getting
it in, (sex) defying everything! Worst way
opposite (best way) I'm sick with the pen.
Incident slim for the win of a foes clan. (SMM
superiority reference) No man's land? Mother
fucker, I'm the president! (Sev is the leader of
obscure art) Very in my element, killin' the
imperial. (Sev is comfortable in opposing the New
World Order) Scary kid, I am a bit. Illin',
(doing music well) bitch, I'm serial! (serious)
Is the passion here or stuck in the pit? (Sev
weighs the positives of studio recording to live
shows) I dont know but Imma kill 'em off
regardless! (Sev's movement will continue to grow)
Track Name: Give
Gimme that fun house (trippy) dead funk (zombie
hop) rainwater holy war. (Sev knows he will fight
evil) Blunt mouth head hunt (weed fuels Sev's
creativity) stony/poor. (High on weed/low on
money) Pain's daughter's getting raped tonight!
(Sev welcomes adversity because it helps him)
Pick a vein to bite. (Find your place among Meat)
Mother flip a vampire. (Sev hates vampires)
Trippin on this satire! Gimme that CRIP style
assassination pace! Gimme the strength to defend
the race (stay ahead) and avenge the bass (Sev
views his instrumentals as a fight between the
bass and the other instruments in which the bass
always loses; its a David and Goliath metaphor.
Thus, Sev has to perform vocals to perfection to
show the bass his allegiance to it.) This is the
vase with a rose in it. (simple beauty) Hit the
wall then break like a foes image. (break
Gimme that fed right comatose! (tantric) Left
hook, dead life (wayf.gang) red sprite tolberone,
chocolate maney! (lean) Rock a bitch crazy.
Dominance daily! Rot in the pot and the lock is
amazing! (crack cocaine reference) Forcey
(powerful) like you know do! Sinking the free!
(freedom is a lie) Glorify the chose few! (don't
reward the average) Woe is 'im what grows you!'
(help yourself, dont rely on anyone to improve
you) Holdin' up the code : brute (staying
aggressive) give in to me! (Listen and support)

Truth/you will give the cancer back and tell us
who we are! (break conditioning/educate yourself)

Gimme that hardcore capable bent back table full
of big stacks (money) break a ho! Click clack!
(gamble) Chip in on a big sack (weed/meth) make
it go peace out ya lung vats! Reaching all the
rugrats, (young people) still a decent beta,
though! (Sev knows he's only just begun) Gimme
that gloves off zombie anonymous. (hurtful and
mysterious) Doper than alot of bricks. (cocaine
reference) Pop it like a llama (gun), bitch! Ask
economists, Im rockin' on the rise, pimp. Wokking
up Thai shrimp, officer, die! Just gimme that 50
bag (weed/meth) back or it's on! Boss luck, (one
controls his own destiny) give it to me quick! In
a song, I'm tossing up phonies (haters) and a
broadie (woman) out her thong! Maybe more than
one, I resort to fun, aw.
Track Name: Cut Up
I want to make you as sick as my life makes me!

Shut up bitch and read my death letter. Cut up.
Self sharpening blades are better, so I'm
severing my arm now. Why? I let my guard down, so
a fucking scar's found, idiot. Ashamed of the
pity. Its inane how the pain brings peace to the
brain. Let the lame out. Danger, I'm on another
page, pal! Always slice left to right. This is
significant in correcting the stress inside. Have
a predetermined number of incisions to make. I
might go a little over, but I'll limit the pace.
91% isopropyl to stop bloodflow. It's a rush, yo,
even the aftermath puss flow. I cut me up because
I'm dying in my psyche and my pride won't let me
off without a fine. This ain't suicide. Just
help's cry from a well and I'm inside at the
bottom with a knife yellin' 'WHY?!'

I would rather bleed alone then sell my soul to
be in front of you. Cut Up.
Track Name: Boars
When me gas out, the resurrection follows swiftly
in me glass house! Inception's near and it is
smash mouth! Fuck the bullshit. Hand over the
cash now! Mad cow zombie lusting queers now copy
us! Here rocks a pragmatic champion! Got a match
and a glass (hash) brought a bat and a mask. So
duck! What the bloodclot dough doin'? (Where's
the money?) They stayin' in they lane and ain't
even close to it! (Rappers are garbage) Bang
gross music and I'm zedded (zombied) up! Same
coast fluid in my metal cup! & I go stewey. Get
my cheddar (money), cuz! Man, the flow's stupid.
Sevan never stuck. Sevan never suck. Sevan is
an alien hybrid homosapien until he hits the
stage again. Then it's something more! My glowing
core explores animorphic spores to floor the
boars. (Sevs art is anti New World Order)

Now we see that our home is a low. (No where is
safe) These piggies went down to market. (Evil
controls money) Craving more!

Found a piece of a stolen MO. (mode of operation/
ancient devine knowledge) These piggies get down
to start shit. (The NWO is ready for war) Break
these boars. (Fight back)

Piggies await slaughter. Daughters of eye
(Illuminati) stall cauterized. Prized in bogs of
the odder. (Sev's art is regarded highly among
evil music groups) Hogs lost us (these groups
backed off of SMM) clobbering the cost; super
saucy - juice & rossi; sloppy in the car.
Stopping at the bar. Finger to the boars! Footie
(long blunt) with a hoodie, azulish (blue) scene
on the Coors! My team is on torch! (fire) Blue
flame noose gang. (wayf.gang) Troops trained you
(marshall law) but we came to induce pain! Who's
saying that I won't go there? I'm most prepared
to coast it ('west coast' - smoke and drink) like
a boat to Paris. Local terrorist. Toast to me
like Oprah's therapist! Bears (SMM/Meat) will
mutilate the pigs, so there it is! In the pin
(at war) getting dirt! (gathering info) Looking
at your sin as innocense and it could hurt. For a
limited time and then it disperse back from the
helly cell it came my relly, work! (Sev is
impressed with how well he just spoke)
Track Name: An Agenda Singed
I got the gameplan for ya! Waste, man! (break
conditioning) Take to fuckin' space, man! (Get
high) Boy, you suckers really get my goat with
that 'opening' horseshit! (Sev prefers headlining
live shows) Horror on their moors! No ghosts in
the porcelain (Sevs demons are at bay) or order
in the force! (anarchy is afoot) Now, we just
take life. (recruit Meat) Tell your bitch, 'hit
the strip, get the grip (money) and throw the
shit back like Bayside High in the 90's. AC
Slater!' (Saved By the Bell referenece) With
these rhymes, she can make me paper! (Sev employs
women in relationships to sell his music for him)
Haters, what you fuckin' know of my agenda? Not
a damn thing, so, don't even pretend to! Flow of
the century, this is sick stuff! When I hit my
freeze, (live show stunt) guarantee I get my dick
sucked by your bitch, huh? Trip and get your
frickin' ribs bent up. My niggas'll put them tips
(fight) on they who's blarin' out they lips, cuz!
This is vicious. Sinners put they chips up.
Stressin' it like sex on ancient stairs.

Pit these pieces into place for me! (spread Sev's
art in all ways) Further my agenda!
Sick deeds teach us simple plays, ok. (Sev learns
from man-made tragedies) Further my agenda.

Shmorgis (variety) died in an organized buzzsaw.
(The corrupt music industry) Such raw rhymes
grease Coraline's (underage animated film
character) cunt. Call her agent! Cut a deal,
blame it on the liquor, boy! (Sev acredits his
attraction to young women on his alcoholism)
Playin' with a sicker toy in the main den.
(Sev is succeeding in the face of evil)
Brainstems, breakin' em. In lamens, I'm taking
'em down, so give a pound and escape. (Sev wants
respect, but does not like prolonged interactions
with anyone) Asian faces, I'm so damn baked, it's
astoundin'! Poundin' the pavement (heavy bass)
with the sound king zedrock! (zombie hop) I'm out
of dollars, all I need's golden. (Sev warns
the death of the US dollar) Roll up on you
smokin' and ash it on your nose. (Sev is
confrontational) Rap is on the ropes, and I'm
servin' cuddy bodyshots. & until my toddy's hot,
I'm bashin' all the clones! (Sev's success will
rule out bad music) Line it up, seek a finely cut
savior! (do cocaine) Live enough to read about it
in the paper! Shrouded in the gray fur (wardrobe)
cocky like a Laker. Sake's in her bra. Which one
should I waste (consume) first?
Track Name: NeverBe
Do you think I like this? Being zed (zombie) go
and wreck you to death with a mic fist? (live
show) Well, I do, 'cuz its righteous, but at the
end of the night, it's a plight just to find
bliss, so I'm high like a kite gets. Laced pipe
hits get the eyes dry; Sevan cryless. My Christ,
I'm a hybrid. Confined in my line, (Sev is stuck
in a way of thinking), nevermind all the fly
shit! (being rich doesnt concern Sev) I could
never fucking keep anybody. I could never fucking
keep anyone. (Sev finds prolonged relationships

'We should never be alone, never be that' (Sev is
mocking a quote) but I still see only me! (Sev
feels like no one truly understands him/he is on
a higher level of consciousness)

Fucking kill me already. (Sev is sick of the
personalities around him and wants out)

Born into a world that never listened. Surrounded
by love, but alone in my league. Bound in the
grudge that I hold with the beast. (Sev is
haunted by the devil) Born into a position of
power and poverty. (talented with a good look,
but low income/low opportunity) Tore desert
wasteland committing sand robberies. (Sev made
alot of mistakes finding his way artistically)
Damnit. I've grown accustomed to the panic and
sucked some fuckin' love out of the tragic. (Sev
uses pain to fuel his art) But it's automatic to
revert into this state of isolation, reversing
inertia, praying to the earth. (Sev is a recluse)
Track Name: Chocolate
From the art the blessings flow. (Chocolate)
From the heart, the dead things grow. (Chocolate)