by SevidemiC

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All Zombie-Hop is written, produced, recorded, edited mixed and mastered by Evan Ellis (SevidemiC) for SickMindMedia. All Rights Reserved.


released January 17, 2012

All Zombie-Hop is written, produced, recorded, edited mixed and mastered by Evan Ellis (SevidemiC) for SickMindMedia. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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Track Name: SevidemiC - Spooky View
We (dead) cant believe its ours! (life) Cuz it's too

good to be true! (live after death) Seeing past
their arms (break conditioning) What a lucid, spooky

I ain't never seen horizons brighter than in front

of me! Suddenly super turnt and on the verge of
frightened gluttony. (Sev's art is about to catch on
to the masses) Hyper, riding lightning on my way up
to the top. Zombie conglomorate. Funky like a
locker! Feeling the death on out and now, I'm
getting the confirmation back! Enemies stressing out
they fret the worst from a snake attack! Hate in
fact helped it; made it mainline. (Sevs pain
enhances his art into a powerful drug) Hearing no
more chatter through the grapevine, Melvin! (making
fun of goofy haters) Im pushing on your bladder with
my bass kick! It's never makeshift; you'll flip and
bob your head like Basement. (SMM lighting tech)
Lately on Saturdays, I've been working late-shifts!
Murdering in person (live shows) certainly, and
girlies shake tits! So, mama, put the Mountain Dew
in my vodka! A fair amount of those shows you who's
a monster! Word. Start it up and slap a lobster!
(get biligerant) Turning all the disbelievers'
corpses into sawdust. (Enemies are fake and will be

Victory hits hard; storyboards floor thee. Opposing

me is a choice made poorly, shit. You already knew
that, thus, I fucking wrote this! Necrolic prophet;
dead Moses's opus! (Meat) Coughing off a crop of pot
I bought from Mr. Lotus! Rocking off your socks and
drop a dot (acid) for richer focus! If you take
nothing else from this song, zombie, know this - I
run it like kadafi, lighting broccoli (weed) with a
dope bitch! 'Oh shit', you can say that again,
bastard! 'Oh shit', shutty, Imma serve it to 'em
faster! Get 'em on a gourney or stretcher, but be
careful, they're infected! Hit 'em in the head or
even better, kill yourself and grant my best wish!
On 3, turn keys! (work with me) 7. I think I skipped
a couple numbers, fuck it, activate me! Maybe I
found the winning formula, tore it up, and devised
my own success out of disorder, huh? (Sev is an
originator and an innovator)
Track Name: SevidemiC - Plummet
My first method is the razorblade. (Sev cuts) And
then, I'll move to the chorus. (Sev gets the drive
to create) I caught a curse fucking around with the
pace. (Sev attained demons in his quest of being
successful quickly) A damned show soon before us!
(More evil awaits) DemiC is your martyr. You are my
prophets to be, yea. Cast that body up! Toss it off
steep! (self-sacrifice reference)

If a cure is on the way run it with the pure all the

way around! (Sev's superstardom will be welcomed,
yet on his terms) If a cure aint on the way plummet
with the pure all the way down. (Sev will captain a
sinking ship if need be for the sake of his purpose)

Suspension over evil (body mod reference) and 12

hours left (luck/deathnumber 13 reference) to keep
this aligned and awake in decline of their leishes
and lies; come and make me. (anti new world order)

Here are my profits for thee. (Sev sacrifices all of his earnings on his art)
Track Name: SevidemiC - Love Is Dead
Kerli (pop singer/made a hit called 'Love is Dead')
Rotten whirlwinds stir, lock it down very early,
Send over the word that the goddamn situation's
hostile/volitile/deadly/lovin it - motherfucker,
test me! (love is poison, 'dont challenge this')
Bong rip officially bent in the vision, this is
kissen (German for cushion) unbelievable; level
above her muff fur; buck a bitch. (Chauvinism)
Show her what the oneness (love) is. Fuck with it
and rest with ur sheckles in the fuckdirt.(money is
burned in the aftermath of love-themed relationships)

Catch ur fitness (be in shape/ready for anything)
Pale internment, sauder all. (Be cold, yet a livewire)
Random sickness, sale in service; start to fall
(Love is a shitstorm that one sells oneself to from
beginning to end)
You've got instructions; you've figured it out!
So let your cold heart heat-move hips with the sound!
(You know what to do, fill that void and join Sev's

(You know they) lead you instead with soothing lies.
Eat through the flesh to conceive the flies.
(Get through you to breed pointlessness)
Love is Dead. (True love is Zombie-Hop*)
Tag that toe and get thrown away.

Love is D-E-A to the D, slut, gotta die nightly, make
the place erupt.
Death is L-O-V- to the E, see, gotta slay daily, make
em go crazy!(sev must be born anew every night
to reach the Meat.)

Deader than the flow has ever been in the past.
Im on some superphonic zed shit and flippin it fast.
(Sev's focused and making profit with his messages)
For the mold im forming, its important to donate your
soul and organs; absorbing more in show and store
supporting...(to truly be Meat, one has to fully
subscribe to Sev's approach)
Piano peck death kiss get it Seattle wet... 'bet
this'll get her naked like a sedative. (Sev's music
is an aphrodisiac) Beats made me and I married em;
Oedipus. (Sev sold his soul to his art) Drink the
communion and tell me how berry the syrum is. (Just
try to submit to the ways of the zombie and see how
much better it is than your old ways.)
Track Name: SevidemiC - Eat Me
Masticate me, motherfucker, scrape plate!

Gormandize a nexus, breakfast? Fate. (join Sev
in achieving greatness) Ruminate. Who is they
trying to make a mess of me? Set the table,
faggots, I am ready with the recipe! (even haters
will revere Sev's movement) Salivate! Now it
seems you're waiting for the take in! Not long at
all until my bread is breaking. (Christian
reference/'bread and fish') You want a piece of
this, so, come and have a bite; nosh! You could
live a cannibal's life! (Meat are above man) &
the cold shit about it is the service in the
nourishment, (zombie-hop) emergence of a purpose
with a merciless inertial, bitch! Make a reason,
if you're vegan, then, switch! More & more people
are seeing the feast as appeasing! (Sev's
movement is growing) Even if you're on a diet,
my shit will change that. (break conditioning)
You don't like it, get your pain back ASAP. No
other land will you find it, FDA don't consign
this, real! Nothing likethe shit they make you
digest! (anti New World Order)

If I fed you every piece of my soul, could you

hold me down or regurgitate the load?
The dead mold, it can make you queasy, but,
following the feast, you will be free, eat me!
(breaking conditioning may be difficult, but
worth it)

Grubble 'til your tummy muscle bubble, dine heavy!

Return for a second serpant serving, I'm ready!
(Garden of Eden reference) Then, for a 3rd,
sinful in word murder! (Sev is holy, yet wicked
artistically) You could be proficient in it, let
me first serve ya! I set the table, so allow
yourself inside! & filleted myself open, but its
cool, I'm alright now! (Sev cuts) Pipe down, grab
a fork & knife how can you possibly say no to it,
stupid, the truth is in the soup dish. (Sev
claims obvious superiority) I say you eat the
eyes as appetizers. Let's have a ritual as you
nibble on an iris. (anti Illuminati reference)
Oh, you're fickle? Have a toe or two for vittles;
wash it down with the puss from my butt pimples!
(ignorance) You're gonna berserk when you see
whats up for desert! (The best is yet to come)
Amazing alert, get to it by raising the shirt!
Under the star (Sevs chest tattoo) better peel
back the skin, within the cavity is a soul, dig
in! (accept the whole of Sev's art)
Track Name: SevidemiC - White Magic
Its all to the good, baby, dont be surprised!
You see the white magic in my eyes! (Anti dark arts)

Look very closely. Zone in on the pressure. Come to
the backlit. (Demic performance reference) Kneel to
the benefit. (ritual respect reference) Lesser
practice is limited. (other magic is weak) The devil
is the debter. Theres a better way. Everything else
is heresay. Voodoo, modified. (Zombie hop) What you
know is lies. Unlearn it, double time. You belong
alive! And dead, well, something like the both of em.
Eyes get red from the glow rod poking in.
Ritualistic, see? Were lifted! (Use weed
ceremonially) Thizz (exstacy) is the shit, dont be a
dipstick. (dont be stupid) Get with the victims,
breach the business. (join together to hurt the
system) Get high and contribute or blitzed with the
listless. (Be a functional stoner, not a burnout)
Not agnostic... Bilotti! (NY mobster died from head
shot) But in a mosh pit, rockin that body!
Spellmaster, hells after the rot geek. (Demons look
to destroy Sev) Pass it (ignore demons) M-magic

The 10 commandments were altered. Originally riddled
this way; (Egyptian Commandments referrence) kill if
you need to for survival. Divide with minimal
personal pay. (anti greed)
Track Name: SevidemiC - Light Controls
Hey, zombie, get your moan on! (Sev's conscience is

telling him to create)

Voltron 5 lion-headed robed men (wayf.gang

reference) never let the foes in. Hold on tight!
Drones want pride. (haters want attention) Ride
with the horsemen. (usher in apocalypse) Fill the
water high and just slide down the porcelain (break
conditioning) of the bathtub, thats love, mother
fucker! Mash up this upper, cousin blows tracks up!
Roll that blunt! Beat the fucking doors in! Doing
skeezers greedy; speeding like Jeff Gordon! (meth
reference) I'm on this shit like a postage, nigga!
Artisan, lapidary, savage and scary goldsmith. (Sev
is divinely inspired to create fine art) Who you
gonna roll with? Sevi-damn-demica. Know the lesson
plan as if you read the man's syllabus. (prepare for
the future of SMM)

I propose to turn the tables; rot properly. (anti

illuminati/new world order reference)
Light controls what lurks in the fables; doxology.
(Sev's lyrical approach is righteous)

Angels in the grave plot (Sev is divinely guided)

Labels send us hate, stop. Cradled in the Bay (San
Jose, CA) and now, I'm taking my place! Praise is
on the way; days out of the shade. (Sev sees
success on the horizon) Sado-masochae, I've been
awake for nine days! ('Masochae' is a term Sev
created to describe his tedious creative process)
Ground fault circuit interruptor. Doc is in the
building feeding thunder in a duster. (Trench coat)
Only that, broadie! Zoney rap, homie! (Sev's music
is entrancing) 'Dont Bleed,' thats what the zodiac
(serial killer) told me!
Track Name: SevidemiC - Until Tomorrow feat Joi
Alas, masses procrastinate aftertime; no insight on

the life to come, nor alive! Numb to the vibe of the
strum or the strike.(most people are brainwashed)
Enter one, stay inside! When we run, break and hide!
(zombie film reference) Fuselages frolic in the
dance of the flamework (terrorism reference) and you
can often rock until the trance enflames your brain
worse. (rock/metal music is mostly evil) Advance on
populated areas, make them taste dirt and negate any
phasing, radiating laser! (Despite any opposition,
spread Sev's infection) Shut up with the stupid shit,
lets chop about the paper. (discuss money) & how I
can get it while still remaining unwavered! (anti
Illuminati reference) Now, shit is vivid; limits
seem to go vapors! Our future is Clippers; tale of
the tape says;

Don't wait until tomorrow because your time might be

up today!
Put faith into your sorrow (mold pain into
strength) because your sign lies in what I say! (if
lost, Sev's words will guide you)

Until the blood's spilled, spin inside the mud wheel!

(stay steadfast in war) Tough deal, double down.
Suckle on a lush feel. & I got it, rotten honesty
flogging your thought socket and sock it eternally
hot to the noggin! (Sev's words stimulate the mind)
Fake out patients, see, you can take this escape
route! (its simple to become Meat) and decifer
demons from angels in their faces! (anti Web of
Lucifer reference) Recall the flagrance, then,
reinact. (mold pain into strength) Send me a pack
of fraggin mags and get it crackin' like that! (pro
2nd amendment reference) High tack; stoned and sharp.
I'm about to take mine back; sold in art! (Sev seeks
to rebuild himself via his music) Im reinventing
live rap; cold bizarre. I think I'm sensing rhyme-
lapse; imposing Klar. (Dutch weed slang for
'clarity') But who will ever lead a league of
feeders like me? I.V. stuck; please believe, we
receive elite luck! (SMM has divine knowledge) Fuck
thats shit, I'm on another page, punk! I'm never
stumped in the flow, so

Until Tomorrow, destroy! (live life hard)

The dead are walking, walking, yo.
The dead, they are now walking, we sing, yo.
(Sev is progressing in his movement)
Track Name: SevidemiC - With the Roaches
The very splint to their rules is breaking down
and we know, yes, we know this.
Scary symptoms fair true, but, baby, make me
proud... and we'll roam with the roaches.
(Those who feel like they run things are now
failing at doing so. If one follows Sev's
vision, they will be around
after armageddon)

Wandering a catacomb of ruin in a wasteland-
haulin off a body, calm shatter pins grace
(Sev depicts a post-apocalyptic vision of
himself that he finds disturbing, yet beautiful)
and we can never live it down, so live it up.
(We cant erase the past, so seize the day)
Grief ran deader times; listen til the finish,
which is never. Rip a lever off and man it
telepathically! (Use your mind to manipulate the
system) Raping compensation, lace a gram of
sheltered sanity! (break your conditioning)
can it be a zombie? Yes, it is me! Psyche
your dead side up and breathe free! (kill
over saturation of influence and simplify your
life) Sativas feed us reason; doing away with
evil legions. (Marijuana opens the minds eye)
Tweekin off MDM fucking A, it stays in season!
(MDMA is the key ingredient in exstacy) Believe
him! By him, I'm meanin ME, motherfucker, bump
a thumper, put you on and leave Erinna Scare
bleeding! (Play Sev's music and SMM model Erinna
Scare automatically bleeds while you learn about
the evils of earth.) Canniballer Region (death
pays in Sev's field) leave em alone, or we'll
impede and feed disease to girls and babies;
killin crazy now, baby! (Mocking the New World

Us and perplaneta-americana (roaches) arm
yourself for drama. Farm passion and beast in
your honor. (Be great for your own sake) Dead is
the new living. Skid among walkers (walk with the
dead) Zeds and geeks; everyone has some to offer.
Blaberous-cranifer ('death's head cockroach) get
mashed if you're allister. Unabashed in lavish
plans to take time's sand back. (Sev is bold in
his movement) Reclamatory gore - no one will now
ignore, super sure the score will track the story
more. (The instrumentals Sev makes back his words
very well) Fetch a sense of urgency, I'll wreck
it when you murder me, cuz I'll murder you back &
have a sad laugh mercifully. (Sev and his
followers can mess with each other as long as the
gameplan is stuck to) Adore - cuddle up to rubble,
find beauty in the wreckage, its a blessing to
survive this war! Terrain, unwavered, overbearing
cross blanco (earth will be purified) Innocent &
sinister rimnants of what we stand for. Avoiding
any panto-miming; ditch your mask-cloak (stand up
for what moves you) cut it into pieces (your mask)
and redeem your planet natural.
Track Name: SevidemiC - Old World Raucous
Fatal conduct since the nauseous relief!
(becoming a savage after the relaxing feel of
'turning' into Meat)
Blast out the old world raucous as we mosh in the
street! (Sevs music is anti-New World Order)
Come, now, theres really no reason to go burn
with the sheep! (dont be a mindless follower of
evil)So, baby, cut your worst teeth on the
surface of each. (Eliminate those opposed to
Sevs movement)

Heave that cover off! (stop hiding) dig into
damage! Taskmastertouch; Mr. Slit Drip Slasher!
(sev is describing himself/style) God in the veins.
(God is in him) G-G-God in the trap (God is in
his hustle) Sight soldier ray locking onto the
map (Sev influence is designed to affect the
world) The range of war will soon propel the dead
to kill! More light from the moon will see the
flesh peel! (zombie film imagery) Guide the way,
greet the sky; we belong! (live up to your
potential) Leave our old world behind, geeks sing
strong! (Geek means Zombie)

Hop to the revolutionary, nuggy-torching (weed-
smoking) lifestyle! Such a forcey assortment of
coarse and gory guys file murders in the southern
California section (sev and his squad have been
recruiting Meat) 'Best in Show' approach to make
the heads spin! Throwback stylo (Sevs delivery is
'old school') low jack synchro (dont bite Sevs
style) dope sacking (smoking/dealing weed) slow
saggin (riding low) in a bucket seat, bro! Zombie.
Funcion. Callous abnormality! (sev is raw and
original) Copying munchkin faggots after me!
(some poorly try to imitate sevs art) Greasy,
dying easy, leave and lease a new alliance(Its
simple to become Meat) preach to you in violence,
featured on a cd! Defeat the creeps, these fleets
decrease beef (SMM isn't concerned with other
labels or groups) leisurely sleep your measely
peeps! Its on now! Welcome to dogtown (Anubis/
Pappa Legba reference) hammer fall down... and
its all on apocalypse! & you know what to call
the shit! THE END. Trendless. Murderpop-anonymous!
(breaking tradition/turning a page in

Cease that rugged talk! (dont hate on smm) This
is the damage! Slash a back in rough knickers!
(reverse-slavery reference) Live risk after!
(thrive in the now) ... Life holder (ironic self
reference) stay lockin onto the map! (continued
conquest of worldwide influence)
Track Name: SevidemiC - Seraphim
(When God is unable to clean up his conception,
elements are sent to get it right! (Sev is on a
mission from heaven) Our cause is the cable linking
you to direction. (SMM is a guiding light)Seraphim
protect the dead tonight. (Angels watch over Sev)

Moving with the zombies and behold the angels.
Philosophy makes sure that we feast bold and painful
(Sev and others like him were born from tragedy and
are more prone to greatness) Thats simple logic.
With a sack in my pocket, its a wrap. (Weed allows
Sev to communicate easier) Now, I can put you on to
the fact that the world's on the edge of a suicidal
snap! (brainwashed people are a disease) and if you
aint getting dead (becoming Meat), then who am I to
rap? The messengers of God (angels) told me, that we
were put here solely to flow hurt for inquisitors.
5th of the 10 ranks (angels) skip what a bitch
think! SevidemiC's scripts CRIP and dismiss distain.
(Sevs lyrics are a revolution and make the listener
feel good) Twist up the sticky (weed). Bic to the
rizla! Hella missing kids filling the pit in this
place! Television drenches all the weak and
permeated, pleading, till these leaches seethe and
reap the peace of your ripe soul! (TV brainwashes)
Seldom will our vision follow (we are leaders)
reach and lead the legions in allegiance. Take a
piece and go beast up the night, yo!

Halos and infections under the burning ones!
(angels) Wings to be thy save! (Angels will protect
Sev) They dont take the best of us or desert the
trust! Kings to meet thy grave! (Rule will end) We
had to die to get inside. (Break your conditioning
to understand the truth) Below the fire, (under
angels) can you hear the cry?