From the Graveyard!

by SevidemiC

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released November 12, 2013

Executive Producer : Evan 'SevidemiC' Ellis
Associate Producer : Adrian 'BeAsT' Corujo



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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Track Name: Gargantuan
Larger than life! (alright! come on! I am...)
Larger than life! Born in the center of an ocean! Formidable energy; listen close and you will know him a little, if anything, we can toast to the riddle! (Y'all opened the door!) & now me gettin in, ho. But I gotta duck cuz I live so big! BeAsT gettin busy on the instro and that be my kinfolk, so that means we been loc'in! (CRIP) nigga! Track to the block, fasten the lock, cuz I got the flow on solitary! I ain't pussy whipped, but you know I follow Mary! In my hoodie sippin vicodin, dont ever dare me! Cuz I got truth wrapped in a RAW! Fall up in the booth and I'm laughin at y'all! Caught em in a truce, so I'm back for the cause! Bat with the balls, READY! My brothers are all buried! My brothers are all buried! & until they get up, I'm fillin my cup alot! Chippin the bucks, not livin among the flock! When it adjust, dont you be stupid! Truth is, I boost on the beat, you doofus! All downhill from here like in a luge, bitch! Boppin opposition toothless...
My field is filled with liars! Why, still, will they feel the fire?! I'm so goddamn GARGANTUAN!!
Larger than life! Often pretty odd, right? Rockin with you all night! Sev Demmie. Hilly in my endoplasm. Illy fill my chasm; regulate it! Roll a bone to get me faded! This is why my flows be so resonated! & they drove to watch me rape it! Vegas - lightin up the stage with my tasteless rabid animalistic, autistic endeavors! You're lovin to live it, admittin I bring in the treasures! Brought... whatever. I got deader since a while ago! Find my cold body headfirst in this motherfucking beat. Gestures to the motherfucking freaks... yes, sir! Salute! I'm mixin crown with the goose in the crowd with my troops, bangin out until my head hurts. Holy tongue gone, all I know is 'hex-words.' Textures are abundant here in one song! Come on, cuz I'm so ready to funnel beer! Somethin weird and imperial will fuck y'all! Gar-ganch! Im at the bar amped up, and if you wish it over now, hard chance! I'm part flash and mostly monster! Ghostly conquerer. Out to flip my dark past...
Track Name: From the Grave! feat. K-Stikz
Fuck.. I been deadin it, right? In the shadows of a graveyard, Im rested n high! Scratchin tablets in cuneoform my venus's feet in silk sheets, when the heat is on, she warrin wit me! Front line data! Pass it for my cataracts! Throwed like a party or my massive battle axe! Tron dosin wit Bacardi! church steeple, and a mass. Yur ppl mad attracted to my class of cannibis! Break da molly out n make the turn em up real! Hate n say u never heard of us, still, bitch? (Swampton) Nowhere near Rodeo, fuck wit my mail and Im the hammer, u da nail! Boppers on my trail, zombie left coastin! I made it from the hustle but opened it with a notion! Just to get the most in, now Im on deck!.. Y'ain neva seen a zombie flyin in his own jet, maan!
Makin it up! (FROM THE GRAVE!) Dont trip, a zombie got it on stick wit the Crip tight licks, my nigga! (FROM THE GRAVE!)
& you can tell is hella sick & gettin iller cuz i got a lot more, motherfucker! (FROM THE GRAVE!)
I lost an eye and allegiance to The Legacy! Fuck u hatin faggots trynna bury me! I got 4 benihanas on the blaze live from the grave!
Reporting live from the grave, walkin like an Afro-slave (Amistad) get it right! Nigga wear the pharaohs crown. Black, gold and fuckin brown. On your surface world when I'm not even earth-bound. Write my second birth down and don't get rather dubious about the situation, let's keep it bright and salubrious! I can't hang around broads useless as a ruby is. Brainless, I'm like 'bitch, go find where Sev's doobie is!' My appetite display without a fancy studio! I'm fuckin Chuck Berry so I gotta keep a groovy flow! Tread the flesh off a wack rapper with ease, dump remains in my hooptie and wipe blood on my Kufi, bo! (K-K-K-Stikz) You is hella goofy, bo! My middle finger visit you! A new chapter of your dimension, a zombilog with new inventions of how to eat flesh in such a vivid view, fuck-nut!
Track Name: Killbox
It aint gonna end, this killin... It ain't gonna end, this feelin, babe. Put beryllium vapors in my brilliant nature, I will heal in ways you never thought possible, like Jason. Fuck any obstacle that I'm facin. DemiC give chase to the real or fake in an Applebee's schemin with a mason, on my mama! Me grotty! Another matrix, I'm reloaded. Oh, palabra... be chokin ya punk ass with a really deep focus! Unconscionable, I go off with a pole. Dick. Bitch, you know how hard Imma go? This a multiple murder via vocal, I don't want a piece, fucker, Imma eat your whole soul.
You dont wanna get inside of my KILLBOX, cuz once you're in, you won't be leavin it!
Cuz once you're up in it, I wont give a fuck about you no more!
It ain't gonna end, this fuck shit... it ain't gonna end until I get my whole thang with an interpol swing... bang out. I'd rather hit the vein than go the ball and chain route... All in, no back-up, hey now! Caution'll smash your face, clown! If you ain't a killer, then don't you dare to make sound! I'll flip the whole magilla, just to rack the cake now! (Ace) Top dead! My killin box is a hot shed! I leave em red without a trace! Taste the mace. Tell the prosecutor erase the case; this nigga's not even a human! I did it, one of my strangle plays. I used a fridge and a deader nigga done ate for days! I'm on my paper chase, but still, I stop for the murder! (Light speed) Never ever change the pace, ho!
Track Name: Take Me Away feat. Stephanie Raye
Pleasure, it can turn into a habit. Hide it behind a layer of guilt. You can try to believe in gettin better, but you're an addict. Tragic amounts of cast went into the pills, goddammit! (Oh, them feels) Babygirl, you know been real janky! Out of control and fucked up. When you thank me, make sure to mention my dimensia... & take 3 of these, honeydoll, but don't call me. I don't need a ho on no molly (scratch that). Maybe we could get it crackin in a black hatch-back. Off a gram of ghanistan hash and a lav dab... That's lavender. Slaggin in the passenger side of her ride, so high, we left planet Earth. First... and, yo, the next step is sexual. I'm fuckin an extra-terrestrial on edibles.
Oh baby, please...take me away. Give me what I need... So I can stay... You feel so good just for today... Oh baby, please, please take me away!
Pleasure, it can turn into your pain. Gettin higher to forget all of the life you threw away. (What a shame) But, I guess I never cared at all. (No) And you were just the catalyst to bare the fall. Residued mirrors set the truth clearer. Reckon two spirits live in the midst of a lift. & don't be jelly if you never lay an alien. She mix our liquid in the stars and then we play again... like a loop, girl... in a new world. Ruling nothing. Fucking... using. Live in travesty, but damn, it's such a cool thing to give you a song of abusing to sing. Blue or green'll be the hugh on your mood ring, cuz our extra-curricular shit is too clean. Coming down has a rude sting. Put shrooms n booze on the scene or I'm fuckin out!
Track Name: Honoree
I guess they gon follow! But will they follow me?! The best is all I know! Will I be your honoree?
Jummone, my nigga, jus let me. Coast while I'm toassin up a freshie! Wet from the arc, so jetski n knock a perpatratin pussy into next week! I'm fluent! Never made a plan b, screw it! Endeavor wit a manly movement! 10 sedatives got me groovin to make u choose! SevidemiC! That alpha dominus animal sloshed with an ounce of pot to just handle y'all! Kerosene, baby, dont be scurred, get a burn from my mandibal! Aw, lawd have mercy! This honor is the bond that cursed me! Iffin you were worthy, I figured you could sense of how intense my words be, hence the knob stay broken! Crack another cold one, pack another show, somethin is the cause of dosin potent (the folk stay smokin) Hoes?! Come n line it up! Kick it wit a zombie & light a blunt! Bros? Divide the butt; 2 per nigga - are we havinagood time or what?! Den raise your frickin chalice! I get paid to give imbalance! In flames, I play in palaces of greatness for the challenge! Embracin all this talent but my place is on them cameras! Still wastin cowards slavin hours just erase your ballots!
...and with this honor... I shall furthermore intensify my approach...
Come on, my nigga, just roll up! I save the bottom of the game like a coaster! Dames, they be all over the mane they stroke and the fame makes so much coka (baked!) Crack, homie! Out to make a major feel lame cuz a motherfucker passed on me! Maybe for my fash, but I'm mad lonely at the top, spillin liters of the gasoline.. (what?) Like a dead nigga got a damn Problem! So Compton! & I repeat that, bro, often! I'm an elite sav, show caution! If you thought that the indie underground was only the nigga Hopsin, there's an option! Out the coffin, rockin hella beads with a ripped top and I flip til I hit exhaustion.. (ballin!) Like on Grove Street! Kinda sour nigga, but the flow's sweet! If you ain't got heat, then don't speak! (Kick rocks to the club where hoes meet!) Oh no! Never in slow-mo! All up in that ass, no homo. Dolo. In the studi while a cutie pour up my SoCo! What you know about THAT promo? Imma need the Obama commas! No one can stop and undead Adonnis, so go pop your llamas and opt for drama, so a zombie can make that knot! I lock jaw; I'm not y'all. 10-piece with a lotta hot sauce! Don't vote for no knockoff! I boast more and they're all talk!
Track Name: EOLAIM
Exhibition of light and incredible magic! Deadness'll mix with the life! Crutch folded n rolled to perfection, aiight? Go home if u dont know directions, I like to go! And I bet u like it too! Never did best that I can do! Still I cold hex niggas, dressin in the blue. n black. n white. A zombie's on acid tonite!
(Go head) Well, homie lemme rock em! His songs r fockin ominous and awesome! Just to get glimpse, shit, u gotta get ur chips up! (Slagg) zeta pimp on the vista! (Fresh technology) Salute with ya left hand n honor me! Lashin atcha neck wit piranha teeth! (Zombie) Slangin hella spines, thrivin in a dry economy! Embellished in the kine bud, but honestly?
Imma bring you up just to pull you back down! I never gave a fuck and I ain't doin that now!
I'm all about the light and magic! (The light n magic!) The fight is tragic, but motherfucker -
Thrill em with my exhibition of light and incredible magic. Deadness'll lift with the rite. Plus our knowledge and an obelisk beaconin this device. Givin a piece of the rich to christ cuz of the heathen in me. Eyes to the front, fuckles... I'm in the session. Eatin bodies with the sage and Mexican dressin. EOLAIM. I get real good at magic when I'm slaggin on the cocaine. 80s like a zuba and a gold chain. Kiefer. Inhalaiton patient, crank speakers. Zeta. I dominated the alpha, never will die to find omega. Severinade you. Wasted in Nebuchadnezzar. A lesson to fakers? You ain't shit and never could make us bounce like a dead nigga make em in the pit. Elaborate magic, doin away with nemesis. I'm after the action to sack & bang em in the ribs. I made your favorite dish and in the wake of this..
Track Name: Bounce It
(Bounce It) Wiggle n show off your hip a little bit. (Bounce It) Eat the beat. Vittles in your tenement. Freeze a cheek, loosen. We was on the goose, then Jager. Now, we in the coupe, see you later! (Bounce It) Private. See how randy I get. The booty's superfly and I'm the pilot. If I had a phone, I'd put the faggot on silent! I need to enjoy my damn time with this bad motherfucker twerkin on my lap, though! She besta have the butt-meat or Imma pass, yo. I rarely let em fuck me, cuz I'm an asshole. Get a boner when they cry. Human nature, ho; natural. Zooted on the case of pros knowin how to work. If Imma fuck you, I ain't trying to flirt! That's your job, hun! Do it no problem. Ass in motion when you lower it to the earth.
Bounce It! (HEAR!) Bounce It! (HYYEAAH!) Bounce It! (Come on, girl, go ahead) Let me see you get loose!
(Bounce It) Show these other hoes who the motherfucker. Shake like feds infiltrated the trap... Taste my head and debate a relapse into streetwalkin. We talkin, tho, it's a wrap. I don't give a fuck, bitch, you can be that ratchet. You wanna bring your bff, well, we can match it. She ain't an angel. So I watch her go... & never from no basic angle. Neck turned to the side, marvel at the art. Later, she can audition and start to get the part. (I'm casting!) When that ass swing, fap-fap! It's a black thing, but the white bitches are finna start, just (Bounce It) Hype to the beat, that's right. Light with your feet, ass high. I like it when they' freaky side come out to make a cameo. I'm off a zanny, throwed on the patio, watchin mama..
Track Name: Road Rats
Some bitches go right for it, and other ones dont. So, I gotta keep touriiin!
On the road again, just to get a dollar n hollar at bitches! Thats a problem where I come from cuz they so pretentious. But when im on tour, hey... those chickens drop they britches! I kno they pigeons, but its on to the next every time i finish! ...Skeet skeet! ...Wipe towel! Got a couple on facebook askin me to lay the pipe NOW! ..its so easy! From my mic sound! These hoes r life savers.. so i wont be goin dooooooowwwn!
Underages welcome lawyer be like 'whatchu doin at shows anyway?' she say REBELLION! n u a rebel, gurl! ...nah, get me nekked! Ain gave u a dime, but yo my time is so very invested! Make with the college 1st, then put that ass up! Wont b back for a couple months, so tonight, make me yo masta! Slave driver! Crackin whips! Make with the cash ur boyfriend gave u and get me a zip!..
Well roll that up and rocket to another planet. Ull like it so much, that when i leave, ull be all fuckin damaged! Sip on somethin lavish, and gross a freak out!...... I like to do the work on top sweatin... OG style. Now, Im eastbound and down to tag another! Pass the rubbers to cuz, I can not have it, brother! Me need to feel them walls, n juices, then deuces! But ain havin no kids yet, doofus, hoe I been ruthless!
Track Name: They Know feat. Dubbs
BEAST! made this banger, man, Imma say it off top! Hey, it don't stop! All hot! But this little ditty is a rare jam! Spray your tan, fake fuck! Imma make more bands with cake up! When I take those chances, say, bruh! Watch me come up on a couple mothafuckin phat mansions! Got the younger women dancin! Cougar women callin us handsome! You could get a sliver of the ransom, just get a buddy and jump off a roof in tandum! I say you just die, ho! Fuck up a nigga party like 5-0! Fetti on a 40, wheres my dough?! Manny Beats got me chillin wit some bitches in Tahoe! Certified zed kid! Critisized burned alive and impressive! If u ever wanna test it, break bread and its sent to your addresses! We pour in sessions! VSOP & Patron-ish essense! With cones on deck, this ho gon let me poke it reckless! Everything I do is so physical! (P-p-pay da man!) & Imma take u thru my ritual! (Thus, you'll be made a fan) Case in plan, bake a joint! Stick wit a base n make a point! Cut to the chase n trade your coin for what a zombie doin all day!
You ain't gotta tell em, they know who the baddest is, apparently so, I'm dope!
Smoke em if u got em, bang in the whip, came from the bottom, makin a grip - nigga, whut?!
All I know is rap. All I - all I know is rap. Crack slang. Fat chains, homie. All I know is rap, yeah! So they sent me the beat, I bet it beats the bass out from the speaks, let it breathe... for a second 'fo I get to wreckin it bad, the crack, man, it better be! Evidently, they be all talkin loud with their chests puffed out! They don't like my style and every fuck boy comes from my town, I dont... even hear em cuz I'm deaf to that shit. Time to send a message that the best is back, bitch! You a fake bitch, and you aint even A-list. Y'all about pathetic as some wrestlin actors. Me and Sev on the track, that's an automatic classic... all up in that ass, bitch! Gotta give em what they want and that's a product that knocks the trunk outta the back of the whip, drastic! They all see me with a teeny tiny buzz, now they wanna take a shit and hate on everything Dubbs... but I does what it does, you can hate all you want my dude. Imma just let it be love. God flow. Y'all can act like you never heard, but I think we know that y'all know. So, I tell em at the end of the day, it isn't in me to say your catalogue is awful. I been doin this a minute, if anything, you should heed my advice. You can see that I'm nice. So, Sev, put the weed in the pipe and smoke some, cuz I'm about to go n get a piece of the pie!
Track Name: Blades feat. Rikoshay aka Nata-1
Blades! Bust the cutlery out! Im all dazed from the fuckery, pal! (iCut) Let the blood runneth over my skin (iCut) Never end (iCut) So again, I get the blades!
Nah, my nogs, aint shook these demons! Still fiend for the cold steel gleamin, if I do this to me, what the FUCK u think I'll do to you?! Break the blade out and let the pain ease in! You can judge a nigga all u want to, but I'm just buggin in my thoughts to haunt you! It started as a need and now it's just a hobby! Pourin Jack over a cut, sippin tecate! (I be) on my sick n lonely endeavor! Graveyard restin, hella severed! Bitch nigga, you dont know my mothafuckin past, ho! To me, the shit is ultra-natural! To you, I'm just an asshole slicin on my goddamn self! Yes, I know you'rr frightened-you don't want that hell! And you can't have it! Greedy bout mines! I got alot to breach, I might bleed a thousand times. I'm a zombie.

Standin in the mirror, laughin. Veins hangin. Blood splashin. Such a slowed down reaction. This be the habit of a madman. Handstands just so I can let my fluid drip out fast. (Damn) Started as a bad habit 'round the age of 8. Chillin in a mausoleum, just me and my blade. The body's right beside me lookin oh-so-peaceful. The cuts on my arm be my own soul's evil! Got a rotted liver, never could have been a winner. Rather be a better sinner. Losin blood, rockin Skynard. Just a simple man, trying to fly away like a Freebird. Blackin out. Almost there. I hope I get to see her. June 12th, '06, the blade cut deeper. That's when my baby girl had to meet the reaper. That's when may heart cells turned into sleepers and thats when my scarred shell said, 'FUCK JESUS!'
Track Name: Good Night feat. See Ray & Samson G. Samson
You done fucked wit a dead nigga for the last time! Alright! Im hype! Alive and on sight! It's time to say good night!
Sleepy bye, beddy, beefy, greed chokin mongoloid. Ease into erosion, god, the fock is so a gonner, boy! Bomb it! Paint the pale with the night's fear, hailed in revere like the hale bopp comet! Solid! Super mega under rim rest! College! I'll learn you failure when you get tested! Impressive comatose! Infected stoner goes in! Alot like dope u smokin, but dont u get caught dozin! Or catchin Zs while yo breez at the Westin! Wide awake, gettin eaten her best friend! Affixed to chase u in your dreams like how Fred been! Only worse, cuz they gon wonder where your neck went! Stupid! Best you go n take a nap! Then another, and a million more after that. Fuckin slumber! I'll sign you up to sing in chino's side project. I'll find no better form of sorcery. Enormous!
As I lay you (me) down to sleep, release your (my) hold to this life... Get the folks on my death and be the beast stuck on the iiiinside!
Why do you look at me so strange? I'm a normal human. Wait a minute, I'm not. My plot I've got is fool-proof for me to do it. Lettin off rounds in bucks and fucks, I'm not givin any. Packin a milli. Wavin it in front of you and lookin at you funny, dummy. Every bit of your bitch is showin do you know that your hope is broken. Stolen, eroded. Over this situation ur facin, trying to cope with evasive maneuvers. You fakers are gettin split in the face with a mace covered in blades and when the bass makes quakes, it's gonna stake face with a minimal chance of living anymore in the same safe place. (Damn!) Everything you've ever done is worthless. Your nerves are burnin, yearnin to reach a purpose, but curtains. It's certain. With bourbon swervin in me, I'm curvin blades into your gut until the furniture's bloody and burned up plenty! I'm servin these motherfuckers with a mouth full of poison, let the boy in and I'll hoist them in the air with a shotty to the body. Bringin them toys in! I bring the bang to the buck, not giving a fuck about you. Six feet in the dirt, you will sleep. (shhhhhh!)
Track Name: Climb feat. Dubbs
Don't step on the lines in finer fields! You can find the divine dying, a sign of ails! Mend your callous, sore rendition of a life impaled and CLIMB!
Don't you ever get so sick n tired of throwin rocks a nigga doin better than you! Spit this fire n the cheddar get through! Affixin eyes on the relevance, who got it? Mosh pits, vox wit legitmate toxins, bossin a little bit! Go sauce in the pocket, lost in the rock, bitch, aw I go off for my vinicin! (Meat)
Imprinted with a militant, intricate stylo! Indifference wont injure this hero! Bone daddy grease and the beat is zero! I'm a freak, why be sincere, doe? n errybody want it! So, I get a drink n, yo, the ceremony goin! If you fail to think, you'll feel the terror in a moment! Homie! Instrumental cigarette n beast is soakin in embalmin fluid, dirtier than my balls n raw like sewage! New school? Imma riskin' truant! You fools are a different stupid! So, I'm better than you, with an endeavor to bruise freshmen and the veterans, annexin the noose! Infectin the troops, who's next to the coop to make a salad outta u chickens in blessin the booth?
Got em mad as hell. They don't wanna see a motherfucker spittin better than them, a veteran. I been doin this a long time and it's pretty evident when you compare me to who be lettin it get to an effect that I been movin and been doin the thangs that they shoulda been doin, but since you been movin at speeds slower than most, you been sittin in the cut waitin to go for the throat. & thats ok 'long as you cool with livin a life where you can't get a buzz any bigger than mine. Cuz all you wanna do is trip that I'm livin it right and sideline to the finish line, giving advice. While I'm killin every single feature given to me, without a little bit of difficulty. You sit and mean mug one of the motherfuckers who done put his work in. Bitch, you better listen to me before you step into the mine field where real recognize real it's better you take the mask off. & quit actin like somethin you aint. Real recognize fake too and they quit to beat your pants off. If it's really something you wanna do, then come holla at a playa, I'm just waitin for an invitation to blow the mold apart and show em I ain't nothin to play with bitch you messin' with the kid of satan, we ready and waitin!
Track Name: LoudPack feat. Stephanie Raye
Everybody's tokin, bitches stoked to cum n roll
I got that loud pack (THAT LOUD PACK) Come on n roll it, fuckin light it, then smoke it! (uh huh!)
Dont leave windows open, smokin kush in a long raw bone
I got that loud pack (THAT LOUD PACK) Come on n roll it, fuckin light it, then smoke it! (uh huh!)
Zombie loud, yall be on that whisper! Timely on my twitter findin a clinic that deliver.... Hella many! Blaze for the wait, nope! Never skinny, twist a bat and thats a way to bake, folk! With a gram in it! Splash in a little hash and we peanut butter jam, pimpin! I kno my fans listen fresh off a damn flower! Missin that sour? End the transmission!.. Copy? And aint a strain that can rock me, only bring kush, me n mine, we snobby! Spot me underground like Shock G manic pot fiend goin to town on my broccoli! No, bruh, I aint opposed to a boulder! Crush it into a blunt n turn the most of these hoes up! Douja! DemiC a known roast soulja! Finna be so on but stoned now and so what?!

Zombie loud, kush in my backpack! (Whoosh!) Soaked with slagg man, I have that. Eighth to a quarter. Quarter to a half. Vape is the order with an assortment of dabs. Pass the dutchie, motherfucker, what the deally be? Man, the hood be havin good, but they killin me! Smash on you rookies, man, they don't know 'bout the cookies! Stoned at the Clipper' game in the good seats! Book me a bus ride to the bay, cuz they be twistin flight and I get high on the way! Based on a trippy true story! Blaze with the liquor, who's horny? (ME!) Bet your life and that weed gets a brazzle with the function! I get her high as the rafters and me jumps in! I roll diablo with tahoe to puff a skunk blend. If you ain't blowin no, vato, I'm outro suckin a bud pen!