New Life (Premedicated Version)

by SevidemiC

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Eat Your Heart Out 5 coming soon.......


Come n see a dead nigga rockin with the one eye. Got a real bad bitch trying to give me some pie. (American - give it to me, ho.) Suck a D, a dead nigga rockin with the one eye. I got two bad bitches goin at it in my ride.

Cuz I'm a Voodoo guy. I get you high and give em all direction with new life.

Zed it. Even a fast runner get' bit. Nowhere near a city, so you best'a brung a med-kit. But it really don't matter - DemiC 'eatin brain breakfast. Feastin, I can flex with the best wit. Full of the malice, soak in talent. Gettin desperate, but this electric lights up and slide to the next hit. I find to confide in a lie is a death wish. I'm already dead, so good-bye cuz they depress me. Willing to wrestle with the demons that I run next to. I'm making my tassel out of veins, teeth and a blood vessel. But, seeing this upset you brought the day up. Still in the contest. If you're comfortable, I'll rush and bust through. A lush. The game's a place that niggas are doin much in. Yet, not enough. All in all, I can't deal with the suction. Suits are Mr. Nothings - I know they ain't fond of us, but they'll listen up when I hit the button.

Sqwallur. Me dead fresh; rot binaca, boy. Petrol em - I'm a Conoco. Head swolen. Checks roll in no sweat. Not the common folk. Headbanger. Loosen up. Get your necks rollin. Who say it don't slam, right? Domino. Gram loader. Like the pot I blow? Plant odor? Stand sorta as a God on em. Man, I know. Brought the curse in new with lots of old - that's so us. Loco-motive. I keep it on track and forward to push it. The zombie elite is a trip for the stoners. My notion knows such a pompous and protruding potential. Through hookin my whip to tow trucks - to do for self is sinful. Cuz these cards'll crush the hand that few were dealt. Medicine essential. Look around me, you can tell. They keep it uniform - hold the wheel at 10 and then 2. You gentlemen are butt, pimples and pubes.


released September 23, 2016
Lyrics by SevidemiC
Additional lyrics by Goldie LoKk
Mix/Master by SevidemiC
SMMLLC © 2017



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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