Pine Tar (Premedicated Version)

by SevidemiC

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Why you mad though? Nowadays, you're a fag or an asshole. Man knows only to sabotage self - it's analog and I've already passed that place. Ran a little off course, unfocused. I'm mad at y'all - lettin nobodies in the role of the dopest. (Yea, and I bet they'll lift this subject) Boy Neo, motherfucker; I'm the one left. Tits on a man moose, that's you niggas. In a sad truth, this is so reality. I laugh. Who's ready for a revolution - a future anew? It doesn't matter cuz I've been the villain anyway. I get it, y'all 'just cool as a motherfucker. I'm hot like a dude when she fool with a gutter brother. Fed up, but don't allow em under cover. For showing Clauneck I can simmer with him, re-rally the raucous, sucker.

From a god damn pine box. (Unburied) Fuck six. (Way way deeper, baby) Thirteen feet under you, then a nigga climbin up out of that pine box. What's with (that commitment to keep pushin) your weak faggoty attitude to a Shaman, ho? I got you, hold up.

(oooh, dead nigga to kill em all) I casually encounter the powers that be. Surviving on greed and flowers. Unbridled and teemed in prowess. My leadership reeks of balance, don't try n catch me. I set the land speed record with records. You betski. Hannibal Lecture. Tell em. I eat you. When hailing a feature, better hand him a check first. Thinkin they know me, all the ever got were excerpts. Thinkin they know me, homo-scholar fuckin expert cunt callin that coon-call a real craft. I cant. I really damn can't, though. How is that a cooter curly off from any niggery? Killin me with it. Way sour, sure, play a lemon tree, bitches. So, what the Moor shit meanin? and minus a needed summary, we did everything like the Amistad and Montgomery. They're fraud and you know it, denounce the phony thones. Evil poetry outs your holy ghost...

Bitch, I'm out the coffin on em. Proud of all of my scars. Twistin melt with the pound. Zombie rockin pine tar. Got him out the grave again. Found a call to my war. In this hell, living now. Chompers sop in pine tar. Bit the well, then me drown. Call him Papa Pine Tar.


released September 23, 2016
Instrumental by SevidemiC
Lyrics by SevidemiC
Mix/Master by SevidemiC
SMMLLC © 2017



all rights reserved


SevidemiC Compton, California

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